Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Free Indeed... (Helpful Links for Post-Abortive Mothers and Fathers)

I can't post my last post and just leave my blog to hang in the air. I want to follow up with a reminder to everyone; abortion has more than one victim. Even if you have no connection to abortion, you may know someone who may benefit from seeking help in recovery. The biggest problem with post-abortive Mothers is that they don't feel like they deserve to be forgiven. It's tormenting. And it's
a lie from the devil.

Here are a few links that may help you, or someone you know find the road to peace on this issue. It starts with a confession, and asking God to forgive you- but living day to day with the consequences is often painful.
C.A.R.E Restoring Lives Wounded By Abortion
Silent No More

In Our Midst
Articles on the churches role in healing after abortion.
Post Abortion Syndrome: NOTE: Every Pro Choice group, every agency that stands to make a dollar, and every feminist publication stresses that PAS does not exhist. Yeah, I remember when PMS and PTSD didn't exist either. That's a crock.
Abortion Healing Resources.
Post Abortion Healing/Retreat

These are just a few links. I am not connected with any, but hope they bring you, or someone you know the healing that only Jesus brings. Remember; He died not just for some of your sins, not just for the lesser of your sins, not just the socially acceptable sins, but for ALL YOUR SINS.

May you find forgiveness, and the peace that passes all understanding.

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