Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Spoodle To Call My Own

I am REALLY missing Muttley.
I did better than anyone (including myself) ever expected when she died in May. I am fairly sure there was enough drama going on at the time that it minimized the impact.
My step-brother had committed suicide a couple of months before that... his mother when into the hospital for depression, and 2 weeks after that, my best friend goes into rehab... Muttley dies, and 4 days later my Aunt Terry dies unexpectedly. It's all kind of a blur to me now. But time heals all and I am ready to love again.:-)
So I have been scouring the papers and looking online for a *Spoodle-like* (Cock-A-Poo) female dog. I put an ad on Craigs List and apparently there are many unwanted MALE spoodles, but few females. Oh, I could go and dish out $400.00 and BUY a dog, but that's not my style. I want to rescue one, and yes, I will pay for all the shots, and to spay her, but I don't believe in dropping hundreds of dollars for a DOG, when they euthanize hundreds, maybe thousands daily in shelters across the US.
I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls begging me to take a male... but the problem is: I have a male Rottweiler. He's hyper-alpha-male too. So why torture the new guy?? Hutch (the rot) won't hurt him, but he WILL spend the rest of his days policing the little spoodles every move... because that's what alpha-male-rottweilers DO! We are very good pet owners and very pro-active and responsible. Part of this responsibility is to realize our own limitations. Another male dog isn't a good option for the dog. We would welcome it, but Hutch won't.
I have received numerous pleas from well-meaning people to adopt; Males, special needs puppies, older females, and other breeds. This is my point: SPAY AND NEUTER!! Regardless of how many dogs of every description there are that need homes, I still want what I want. I am SORRY the ugly, old, or sickly dogs get taken last, but I am not a one-woman-charity. Ya know?? I looked on the euthanasia sites, (because of the numerous guilt-ridden e-mails begging me to) but didn't see the cute, fluffy, female-furball I am dreaming of. I saw dogs that had heads like German Sheppard's, and bodies like Jack Russell Terriers. No thanks.
I do know that people are just trying to help. I don't doubt that. But placing a special needs dog with someone who doesn't have the time to address the special needs isn't a very responsible decision. Putting a male in my home with Hutch isn't either.
AND- While I am NOT promoting Euthanasia, we need to remember: it beats starvation. I don't LIKE it, I don't encourage it, but I don't like seeing animals tortured either. That's what starvation is. Irresponsible pet owners should be fined out the wazoo for not spay and neutering their animals. To counteract euthanasia, encourage responsibility... fine the daylights out of the irresponsible. Better yet; JAIL TIME! Put them to work doing community service the first offence and any after that will warrant a stay at the crossbar hotel!
I don't have answers...Ok.. maybe one or two.. In the meantime I'm still looking for a FEMALE, PUPPY, under 25 lbs,... no exceptions. No special needs older dogs, no males.
And make mine fluffy please.
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