Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Daughter's Heart

Not long ago I received a very welcome gift. My friend Patty gave me new Pfaltzgraff pottery!
It is a setting for eight. I needed two bread plates to complete it, but checking online, (Ebay, Amazon, etc...) it was pretty expensive, especially when you combine shipping! So I waited... and waited, thinking I'd find an auction that no one else would bid on and I'd get them cheap. But that didn't happen. And, I recently was laid off from my job, so it was just an expense I couldn't consider.
So yesterday I realize I have a Goodwill card worth $10.00 in my purse. I decide to go up there and see what I might see. Walking around the corner of the china isle, what do I spy? My Pfaltgraff Folkware Pottery! It took a moment to compose myself. I was so thrilled that it MUST have be evident. A older woman saw me counting the pieces with a big smile on my face. She asked me if this was my pattern? I told her YES and this will bring my setting up from 8 to 12 for only $5.00!!! Her response: "Honey, you just TITHE, and God will see that your needs are met". I shook my head in agreement. Her response floored me because it echoes what my husband and I are always reminding each other of; Be generous to others, and let God see to your needs.

Now, I'm not quite finished with my story... I want to tell you have much I value pretty pottery, and china, and WHY;
I worked for 3 years at Dillards in Bridal Registry in my 20's. I helped young brides-to-be select their china patterns, pottery, silver, and stemware. I ooohhhed and aaaahhhed all day long with them. But I never had any china myself. Just mix-matched hodge-podge stuff from yard sales. Well, my Daddy knew I wanted real china. He's an antique dealer. One day he comes over with a big box of the prettiest china service you can imagine! He found it at an estate sale.
It was white with pink flowers and silver trim. I thought that was the kindest thing a father could do! So I finally had my own china. I kept that china for years, and finally passed it on to someone else because I just didn't have room, but I kept a couple of larger bowls, to remember it by.
Later on, I bought my Grandmothers china. (She knew she was getting older, and offered it to me at a bargain)My uncle brought it home from Japan over 50 years ago. It is the china I remember eating off of, and it sat in her china cabinet my whole life. It's my special occasion china.
In my late twenties, I bought *Blue Willow* because it was my Mothers first china. I was very nostalgic about it. She had the original Johnson Brothers and SOLD IT in a yard sale! Mine was pieced together a bit at a time from Tom Thumb Grocery Stores. Not the real thing, but that's what my children at off of. It seemed so *busy* a pattern to me now.
I want to simplify...So when Patty offered me her Pfaltzgraff- I was so happy! It's JUST the type of pattern I am naturally attracted to. I love the salt-glazed look.I gave my Blue Willow to my son Ryan.
Funny how it all works out. I mean- none of this is really important in the big scheme of things. I don't put value on material goods, but I DO appreciate good craftsmanship and artwork. I can eat off plain ol' Corelle Ware and it would be fine with me. I think my affection for china is something that not only my earthly father recognized, but my Heavenly Father as well.
God knows my heart indeed!