Monday, December 8, 2014

Wimpy Christians Unite!

I haven't been blogging much this year, but I had to get this out there. This Sunday at our church, Brother Ainsworth gave the message, and it was about "Wimpy Christianity". Basically, he asked us to examine our hearts, and ask ourselves: "just how bold are we for Christ?" Do we make excuses when we have opportunities to witness? Do we avoid the actual conversation to actually ask people if they know Jesus? I have to admit; I'm guilty as sin. I'll talk about: Church, God, Christian friends, patients who bring up the subject of God first,  etc... but to boldly ask someone face-to-face; "DO YOU KNOW JESUS?"... no, I don't. I assume.. I wait for them to bring it up, or ask me first about my beliefs. Oh yeah, I'll share, but it is usually under comfortable circumstances, once I've warmed up to someone. I do tell people often that I'll pray for them. I just don't confront them. So, yeah, I'm a wimp. So were most of the other people I was sitting around last Sunday, based on their show of hands. Brother Ainsworth gave a fantastic message that apparently hit us all pretty hard because.....

Get this- after the message, while we are all doing our usual Sunday-After-Meeting-Catch-Up, my husband Scott went out to our truck to get something. Upon approaching, he saw a Mexican man laying in our truck bed! WITH A KNIFE IN HAND! Well, you'd have to know Mr. Hunt. He' a take-no-poo kind of guy, with a take-no-prisoners kind of look about him. He can't help it, he looked that way in 3rd grade. So, he sachet's up to the guy with the knife, and utters the one of the 2 only Spanish phrases he knows: "Que' Paso?"... What Scott doesn't understand is he just gave the cue for: "Speak Spanish As Fast As You Can".. at which point Mr. Hunt realizes he's in over his head, and utters the second known Spanish phrase: "Uno momento", but he says it like: UNO MOMENTO AND IF YOU MOVE ONE INCH, I'LL BE ON YOU LIKE SPAM ON A SKILLET". So the guy just stays put, which was pretty smart on his part. Scott calls Jonathan, who is fluent in Espanol, and Jonathan starts conversing with the guy.

Here's where it gets GOOD: This man was apparently watering someone elses garden (fooling around with another man's wife, for those of you not from Texas), and got caught. He was running for cover, or so he says?
He appears nervous and afraid. Jonathan tells him it's ok, and he's safe here. Yeah, you got that right:Jonathan and Scott are actually COMFORTING THIS MAN (holding the knife). They invite him into the church, and he declines. Jonathan took it one step further and WITNESSED TO THIS MAN, telling him, although this may not be the best timing, YOU NEED JESUS!! He invited him to our church anytime and tells him we'll be praying for him!

How awesome is that???
Two wimps-for-Christ go toe-to-toe with bad guy... yeah, they guy who probably (according to the Cleburne Police I spoke with today, who run that area), really wasn't hiding FROM anyone at all. He was probably going to jump me, or Scott, had Scott only not been as big and imposing as he naturally is. He probably made that story up, because, well, don't bring a knife to a gun-fight is the kind of situation he was in. Not literally of course, but you can see pic's of Scott on my profile.... you can put 2+2 together.

So, OUR GOD IS SO GOOD! He gave Brother Howard the message, He gave us ALL a prick in the heart, and He made sure Scott went to the truck and not me. (That would have been a whole 'nuther story). AND- He gave Jonathan the words to speak, the courage to speak it, and the compassion to not react in fear or hate!

I've heard stories like this my whole Menno-life (the past 20 years), of people cooking a meal for someone who was robbing them, and the like. I usually internally rolled my eyes, because I didn't think that was realistic. Well, I'm rethinking all that. God willing, anything is possible.