Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Veil Or Not To Veil...That Is The Question

Let me  happily promote one of my favorite Headcovering Sites: Joyces Coverings & Veils:
Joyce offers something rare: Truly affordable coverings that you can design yourself. You pick the material, design, width, length, and trim, and she makes it and mails it to you.
For those of you with small or large heads, this will be a blessing! For those on a tight budget- even better!
Now, on to my rant: Recentley, one of my precious sisters in Christ gave me a couple of *kapp* style coverings in black. Now she knows I like my coverings to be dark as they blend with my hair, which pleases my husband. I've stayed away from Kapps as they tend to be associated with a particular church district, but these did not appear to be from any church locally, and they are small, so I can wear them at home. I'm digging them!
But this brought up a conversation about whether Kapp's or Veils? Well, for those who are not familiar with the Anabaptist traditions; each church sets it's own standards for it's MEMBERS.
At the church I attend, the woman veil, but are allowed to choose their own style. Most wear opaque, but some wear lace. No specific demension's are required that I am aware of, as they members have a good reputation for excercising common sense.
This particular afternoon we discussed the merits of both. Now I can go on all day about the merits of covering in general. I am treated with 100 times more respect in public than without a veil, and it is a witness, along with decent modest dress that tells people * I am an ambassador for Jesus Christ*. Of course dressing this way doesn't do anyone any good if you don't have good behavior to compliment it. It often is a means to evoke conversations with people who feel drawn to lead a simpler life, or talk about their relationship with God. All my headcovering sisters can attest to this.
As the conversation progressed, my friend made a statement about her preference of the veil. She said; "People of all means should be able to afford to veil. But when fabric for the kapp costs $20.00 a yard, plus the cost and difficulty making it to church standards (X number of pleats all going the same direction,), it makes it difficult for all to afford". She went on to say that even the poorest of the poor can make a triangle of a piece of a remnant of fabric. That can't be said of a kapp.
Wow, what a point! It was at that moment I realized I'll veil, even though I like the smaller kapps, because they are light and breath. In all honesty; I have bandana's, lace rounds, strawberry shaped lace, solid dove-shaped, and white d-shaped. And of course my 2 new black kapps. I wear them all at different times for different reasons, and seasons. I also have hats that I don't mind wearing on occasion.
So, what is your preference? Why? Where have you been on your headcovering journey?

And to answer the question: VEIL. lol. The Bible says to. 1 Cor 11.
Bless you as you ponder...