Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

I'm sure the new will wear off eventually, but as of now, I am still smitten with Minnie Lou! Check out her new P.J.'s!!!

This was taken last night. She had a bath and was dried off, combed and put in her PJ's before bed. It actually did get chilly in the sunroom where she sleeps. (You know I'll justify this!)
I did the same to Muttley :-) It's a tradition.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I am crazy about this dog. Yesterday she had her first visit with the Vet. She was pronounced extremely healthy, worm free, and she's 2 whole lbs!

In the picuture, she is chewing on a Ty Beanie Baby and Scott's watch is beside her for a physical reference to her size, (or the lack thereof.)

She's sleeping through the night (Yea!) and is almost potty trained in just one week.

Last night we went outside and played with Star and Hutch. They are enamored with her too.

I can't wait until she gets a little bigger...a little calmer, and finishes teething. She's going to make a great snuggle-dog. As of this morning, she still only has her incisors in and the rest is all gum.
Do I have great dogs or what???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's official! Miss Minnie Lou is part of the Hunt Family! Weighing in at 2.5 lbs, Minnie Lou is a scrapper! She has been chasing Hutch (75 lbs) all over the house and Star has taken to being a kind of *Mother-Figure* to her. Poor Hutch... kind of the elephant and the mouse syndrome. I fear he thinks she is a gerbil.

Anyhow, she is not quite potty-trained (which is always a challenge) and still has to be fed every 4 hours, even at night. But last night, I got up at 1:00 am to feed her, and she wasn't in her bed. She had managed to climb up on a rocking chair and she was sitting pretty like a BIG GIRL. She looked quite content and it is apparent that she is not taking attitude from the big dogs, or the cat. Amazing.

With Muttley passing, I worried that I wouldn't love another dog as much as I loved her. After 72 hours, I realize you love them ALL with all your heart. Noone can replace Muttley, or the memories we have of her, but life goes on, and every doggie needs a home. Muttley would want it that way.

Blessings Ya'll!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

What A Face!

Well, what do you think about this little girl??? She's from a breeder, and full blood Shiztzui....
I think she's adorable!!
I will post other possible candidates if I find any.. but this one may JUST be the one. I go look at her Saturday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Pain Of Rejection

Yesterday, I filled out an *application* with a dog rescue group called "DFW Tzus".
I found a dog called *Sha-nae-nae that was just cute as a button, and the application is normal procedure for the adoption/rescue process. I noticed it was a lengthy one and they asked a million questions. Additionally, I had to agree to having them come to my home to make sure it is dog-friendly, and give 2 personal referrences. Not a problem. I also agreed to spend any amount of money for the dogs health, $40.00 every 6 weeks for grooming, and disclosed information about my spouse, and the other animals in the house.
I took the time to mention that I have a 6 ft concrete grounded fence on one acre, and have rescued 4 other animals in the past who now live like royalty. I also agreed to address special needs...

AND- I was rejected! ME! Muttley's Mom! I wrote back to ask if there is a misunderstanding, or something that could be corrected? Never heard back.

My co-worker Jennifer was also rejected by a similar dog rescue group. She treats her dogs like she birthed them herself. She says these *rescue groups* are kind of an elitist group and rather snooty. SO, I'm going to a breeder and buying a dog, no questions asked. Yup! Just give the breeder your $200.oo and walk away with a 6 week old puppy. Piece of cake.

I am still miffed though, because I feel like there are SO many displaced animals who need homes. Rescuing a dog is a good deed. It seems so shallow to just *buy* a puppy. It seems generous and even noble to rescue a homeless dog... a way to perhaps teach others... to lead by example... to be the good guy!

I understand the rescue's policies and their desire to *match* each dog with a good owner. No doubt there are probably people who don't deserve to have these animals. But ME??? Most people want to come back in their next life as one of my dogs! It makes no sense.

The fact that they are not willing to even negotiate any issue is simply thrusting business to the breeders. The rescue dogs are not free. So if they are almost impossible to qualify for, what's the point? Noone wants the criteria for adoption to be lax, but plausible would be a good start.

Off to the breeder!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Weekend To Remember

OOOOhhhh AAAAhhhhh This is a picture of our hotel room. Pinch me, I thought I was dreaming!!

Ok, ok...Lucky for you, this isn't a rant. It's a happy little blog about my most excellent weekend with my husband.

Scott travels about 6 months out of the year as a touring Audio Engineer. We are pro's at maximizing quality time and keeping in touch while he's on the road. Once in a while, when both our schedules allow, I follow him on the road for a weekend, either locally, or I fly out to wherever the show is.

This weekend was local (Dallas) and I drove out to the Hilton Anatole and enjoyed all the rock-star perks that they had to offer. How kind of them to bring me a night-time snack at 8:00 pm... some kind of strawberry and white chocolate dessert with cold milk... A maid turned down our beds, and it was wonderful to not have to make them the next morning. What a stark contrast to everyday life!

My husband was so happy to be able to share a bit of time with me. We had snacks in the executive lounge on the 25th floor overlooking the Dallas Skyline Friday evening. Later on, we went with friends and had sushi. That's always an experience. I loved the Jasmine tea and seaweed salad.

Saturday I shopped in Dallas and then drove to the Farmers Market in Grapevine. I returned that evening, and met up with Scott about 9:00 pm to enjoy the entertainment which was a private performance for about 500 executives from *Hilton*. The act? Huey Lewis and The News.

How fun it was to sit with my husband at the sound board. There wasn't a bad seat in the house.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Lewis's music: it's kind of R&B meets Doo-Wop. The horn section was tight and you could tell the band was having fun performing. Huey is growing older, but quite gracefully. They play like they are earning their keep. That's what was great. They still play like their dinner is depending on it...with all their heart and soul. (Pun intended)

There was an after-party that lasted until 2:00 am. I sat quietly and watched. I am such a spectator! It was pretty amazing to watch some very wealthy (and probably intoxicated) people do the electric slide like it was their second cousin's wedding. But that's what they did. I guess I had some expectation that they were above such common behaviour? Maybe the electric slide is what unites us all? The dance that supersedes what presumably divides? I don't know, the only thing that seemed to obviously separate the *haves*, from the *have nots* was the designer tag on their clothes, and handbags (COACH in every color but neon), and the rocks on their fingers. Other than that... they were just normal folk trying to get down with their bad selves. There were people who were just staying at the hotel and were not part of the Hilton shin-dig that slid in and merged as if they belonged. No one cared. It was quite a spectacle!

(No, I didn't dance...)

I'm pretty sure I haven't intentionally stayed up that late since the 80's. I was so fascinated by the people that I was surprised to see the clock in our room read: 2:30 am when my head hit the real goose-down pillow, and my skin was caressed by freshly starched Egyptian Cotton sheets. *ZZZZ's* quickly followed. Scott was done shortly afterward.

I awoke about 8:30 am, (Internal alarm clock)... packed up and headed back to my real life.

What a great husband I have to want to share the fun with me. We both came home about the same time and although it was a very extravagant weekend (at no cost to us) it felt SO good to be home. Star and Hutch greeted us like we'd been gone for months... and we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then took a nap. Now THAT'S the good life. The other is just a nice, momentary escape. Thank you Mr. Hunt for making it happen for me! Everyone needs an escape now and then.


Friday, September 5, 2008

The Military Rant Continues...

David was not allowed to build the temple because "of the blood on his hands". That was given to Solomon to do then. I chronicles 28:3 *Wink-Nod to Elaine*:-)
So.... the jury is still out. I am torn. I am completly clueless as to how we can maintain a free country without a military... we wouldn't have the freedom of religion that we value so much without it. And after all, isn't that WHY the Anabaptists came to America in the first place?
But there is still that pesky COMMANDMENT: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

So maybe God is completely aware that there will ALWAYS be those ready to pick up a gun and go off to war? I mean, hasn't there always been? Perhaps as Christians, we should just follow the commandments. ... I still have not found an exclusion clause to war... accept that the "Thou Shall Not Kill," (Hebrew, I guess?), actually says "Thou Shall Not Murder." It is different from killing in war, for self defense, as a punishment, etc. Yahweh went right ahead and lead his servants into war after war! The Canaanites probably ran around saying, "But, but! your own Law says you shouldn't kill!??? *Wink-Nod to Dorothy* So, is this an exclusion to the commandment?
The big question is: Are we fighting a war FOR God? Obviously, WWII was needed to eliminate Hitler and save millions of Jews from obliviation. Hitler was obviously evil and murdering millions.
A sweet sister in Christ suggested to *Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars*... and yes, we *follow the laws of the land*... this would extent into a draft. But, when the government clearly allows Christians & pacifists that option to serve elsewhere.... I'm not sure it's still ok.
I know its a kick in the ego for most young men to serve as a C. O. , but doesn't the Bible clearly state that we will be persecuted for our devotion?
There are many churches that preach politics. They practically rev-up the congregation and let them know what their Christian duty is regarding their vote and how to serve their country. We should focus on converting the heathen, the haters, and the mini-Hitlers of this world.
Obviously, there isn't a clear cut answer. But for me, I praise God that I will never have to serve in the Military, and thank him that someone is there to protect me from terrorists, to the best of their ability.
To conclude:
I love the Anabaptists because they are so far removed from this. It is left up to the individual and their conscience to decide how to be a good citizen. Voting and politics are rarely mentioned from the pulpit. Their prayers DO go up to our Nations Leaders. But they simply teach how we are to live according to Biblical standards on a day to day basis, and how to serve each other, and how to be a Godly example to our fellow man.
So I rest my case. I will not support war, but will pray for the soldiers, and do anything I can to help them, and comfort them as they protect the people in another country, and do what they are told to do to protect ours. I'll pray for our leaders in position NOW, and in the future. May God lead them, and give them wisdom. They will definately need it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Big Picture

Continuing my rant on politics and the confusion that abounds... I discussed this topic with some of my closest on-line friends.

Now, I don't know if killing while in the military is murder (breaking the commandment) or protecting the innocent. I prefer to think of it as the latter. Here is an example of a military serviceman helping escort a Jewish man to safety. He's PROTECTING him from harm.
David went to war and definately took lives, which was breaking the commandment. But he was considered a man after Gods own heart (wink-nod Janeta)...

I am still confused. But perhaps less so. Maybe the military is an extention of the police? They are the forces that protect the innocents?
From an Anabaptist perspective, I know this will not fly. I know most Anabaptists will not take a life no way, no how. At least they won't sign up and volunteer to. Many WOULD protect thier own wife and children. Killing would be the last option, but most, when pressed would not stand by and allow anyone to harm or molest their family. So is the military any different?
But from a BIBLICAL perspective, do you think it's correct? I'm not talking about patriotism, and being proud to be an American. That is a given! I am not so much partiotic, as I am humble and appreciative to have the freedom to worship how I choose. To have options...and as many children as I choose. But biblically, what is our responsibility?
How do we respond to threats as a nation, not just an individual? I understand turning the other cheek (That was a one-on-one situation)... but what about serving our country? Taking lives under military order?
Who will answer for the lives lost? Does God see the *big picture* and understand when we are trying to keep our country safe? I hope so... I truly do.
I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rocking The Amish Vote

First, let me say, this story isn't original. The credit and inspiration go to the original publisher. But I did find this story while researching the Anabaptists and statistics on voting.
You see, a number of Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish believe it is a sin to vote. They link this to biblical scriptures about being separate from this world...being a peculiar people, etc... But there is NOTHING in the Bible specifically against voting. (If you know something I don't know, please provide IN CONTEXT, Book, Chapter and verses pertaining to voting specifically).

I was surprised to find Obama with the Amish. I am not against him personally, nor am I against McCain. Between the two, I find Obama refreshing and a better orator, and more geared towards peace.
McCain has years of experience, but also seems so pro military that I fear a draft, and an even more intense presence in Iraq than we have ever seen. I just don't see an end to it.. Do you?? He seems like a sincere fellow though.
Personally, I am torn about politics in general and have only voted twice in my life. Once for Bush and then again four years later for Kerry, because I believed it was a vote against Bush. While he might have accomplished some good things in office, our health care system is in shambles, and the economy stinks. It may not all be his fault, but didn't Einstein say: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome?"...

So, while I DO believe we are not of this world, we are of Gods, and there should be distinct differences between what Christians do and what the world thinks is acceptable, I don't see where voting is a sin??? I can see where there would be a problem when those seeking office rally for votes THROUGH churches.... I certainly don't want politics preached at church. But if they are kept separate, why wouldn't it be our civic duty to participate just like we pay taxes?
I know a lot of Anabaptists who do vote. I know many who feel like it's an abomination. Yet, the Bible is silent about it. Those same people say God will put in power whoever He decides to. Then explain Hitler please??? God surely didn't place him in power... I have read articles on why Anabaptists shouldn't vote, and I'll admit they are well-written and make good points, but ultimately, where in the Bible does it say it's wrong?
Now, the hardest thing for me as a Christian to do is vote for either Obama or McCain. You see, regardless of who you choose, you have blood on your hands. Obama is pro-choice (including partial birth abortion) and McCain is determined to keep on course with Bush's politics in Iraq. Either way, lives are lost.
One thought on abortion: Christian families will always have the option to raise Godly families and chaste daughters. It's the innocent babies that need protection. But we can do more by offering options, and being proactive with Pregnany Centers than we can trying to eliminate abortion. It's been around for thousands of years. Spiritual education will go further to help our daughters than changing laws. Besides, your not eliminating an option, your just making it illegal. The option still exhists. Prostitution is legal in Nevada... should Christians participate? What's the difference?
So, I'm still torn between voting and not voting, and ripped to shreds over who the best candidate is. Like my cousin said: "I don't even have a dog in this hunt!"... Well, if I do vote, it may just be independant.