Friday, October 17, 2008

Obamccain Superstar

GGrrrrr... This is getting ugly.
I have received no less than 50 FORWARDED e-mails regarding both McCain and Obama.

These don't come from people I share political dialogues or common politial views. They come from family and friends who probably mean very well, but have no idea that the smut they are promoting will NEVER change anyones political position. ITS AN EMAIL!!! And a multi-forwarded on at that.

The latest e-mail came from not one, not two, but 3 different people whom I am intensely close to stating that OBAMA is going to be the ANTI-CHRIST!! Then, I got another e-mail from another very well meaning individual stating that McCain and Palin are the ANTI-CHRIST!

Does anyone really believe this nonsense? People who listen to all the *End Time* propeganda are buying into a clever authors bait and hook to sell DVD'S and books, and study material. Folks, all you need is you bible and I can tell you 2 things that are TRUE: NO MAN SHALL KNOW THE DAY NOR TIME, (so you can flush all the predictions down the toilet), and THIS ISN'T and NEVER WAS A CHRISTIAN NATION! It might have been predominately Christian, but ALL religions are welcome here.

Now, I would love nothing more than to live in a Christian nation. But that would require mandating Christianity to every citizen, and we would no longer have separation of Church and State.
This is a FREE country and as of the REFORMATION, we no longer are required by the State to serve a particular church. It is NOT against the law to be Muslim, but Obama isn't anyway.

I would LOVE to have a Christian President. Both candidates claim to be. One is a war-monger, and the other supports partial birth abortion. When did Murder start being qualified? Like: If I kill a En-Utero 4 week old, a or a 4 year old, it's somehow not as heinous as if I kill a 40 year old? Isn't taking a life Murder??? Isn't it MURDER if your in another country and you don't like those people or what they stand for?? I'm not saying there isn't a time for self defense, but both candidates if elected, will have blood on their hands...anyway you look at it. That's why they say: War is hell.

I also believe that the men serving our country do so with the upmost honor and integrity with every intention of keeping this country safe. But I also know that the government uses them like puppets to do their dirty work (Viet Nam), and there is more going on behind the scenes than just what the media tells us. Politicians of every country use war and killing to do their bidding. Innocent people will die either in another country if we vote for McCain (they already are) as well as our own boys over in Iraq, and innocent, unborn people will die if we vote for Obama.

However, it will take the majority house vote to pass laws regarding partial birth abortion. Simply because Obama is pro-choice doesn't mean he gets to make up the rules as he goes. Lets keep one thing in mind: Abortion is legal and it has been for over 30 years. This isn't new. And do you believe for one minute that abortion would stop even if it was (and it won't) be made illegal? How about we, as Christians WORK SMART, NOT HARD, and give those with unplanned pregnancies better options, and don't have abortions ourselves??? What about lobbying to make adoption less expensive so we don't HAVE to go to other countries to adopt babies unless we just want to? Let's raise Godly daughters... and be forgiving should they *put the cart before the horse*.

So, how can it be that BOTH candidates claim to be Christian? Because this is a CAMPAIGN with agendas. They are government officials running for public office, not to be a Pastor of the worlds biggest Mega Church. THEY ARE POLITICIANS PEOPLE!! When have you known of a President to do everything he promised to do??? They don't because they can't. They don't wave a magic wand and *make* anything happen. And if they DO get out of hand, we have this nifty little ace-in-the-hole in this country called; IMPEACHMENT.

I guess what gets my goat; is the e-mail about Obama sited the Book of Revelation, using it for validity, but it completely LIED. It said Revelation states the Anti-Christ will be of Muslim decent and around 40 years of age. WHERE??? Where does it state that? It doesn't. It was a bold-faced lie to turn ignorant voters who base their political opinions on forwarded e-mails towards McCain. I might want to mention that Islam wasn't even created until 500 years AFTER Revelation was written,,, Please don't get me started. Say what you want about either candidate, but say it in TRUTH. Lying is a sin. It's one of the big 10. So the author of the original e-mail has some explaining to do.

Now, is McCain the Anti-Christ? The e-mail (forwared) I received says that the names McCain and Palin somehow spell out some biblical code that referrences the book of revelation and thus; The Anti Christ. That is just as awful?? Can you THINK of anything more awful to call anyone??

I'm not fond of McCain, but dog-gone-it, I like Sarah Palin. (tongue-in-cheek) I don't hate Obama. I have issues with them both. But I am not going to spend time slamming them in forwarded e-mails that in my opinion, sink to the LOWEST level one can sink: Lying.

If you want to make a difference in this country, do it at the polls. Why would anyone feel comfortable sending anyone a political e-mail? Ever? Didn't your Mom tell you that you don't discuss politics in company? Why? Because it's a volital issue and until November, it's only gonna get uglier.

I personally am SICK of it. I will do what I consider to be a choice of wisdom: I will visit both websites, review what each candidate stands for.. review Obama's ideas of *change* (all listed on his website), and McCains concept of leadership, and peace promotion. Then, I will pray.

Everytime you get the impulse to send a forwarded e-mail without checking the resources and just assuming the data is correct, SAVE YOURSELF, and just delete it. Then take the time it would have taken you to pull 50 contacts from your address book and review the candidates websites... then take the time you would take for babbling about who is the Anti-Christ with all your church buddies and PRAY.

You will never sway an intelligent soul with a forwarded, low-blow e-mail. It's still a free country, so vote anyway you want, and then do what the Bible says to do: PRAY FOR IT'S LEADERS.

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