Saturday, November 1, 2008

End Times Revelations (Pun Intended)

Ok, so I've ranted about the election, and PRAISE THE LORD, it's about to be over. I will certainly do the Snoopy Dance once the candidate is elected to office! How about you?

Here are a few things that I have become painfully aware of since this election campaign began:

People have VERY strong opinions about who they and everyone else should vote for.

Those same people are not shy about bombing their friends and family with e-mails blasting the candidate they are not in favor of, even if they are lies. Most of the misinformation came from a forwarded e-mail they are assuming is correct, and didn't bother to validate.

My normally calm and tact e-mail (Yahoo) groups that typically cater to *Titus 2* type women, headcoverings, keepers at home, homesteading, and gardening have become battle grounds for political banter. It always starts with the ASSUMPTION that Christians will automatically vote Republican, and it's always insinuated later when the mud-slinging starts, that REAL CHRISTIANS wouldn't dare vote Democrate! Isn't it odd that in the 1930's & 40's, it was considered the exact OPPOSITE??? A real Christian wouldn't dare vote republican! Why can't CHRISTIANS see that both candidates have issues, and support things that are not biblical. I hate it that we have to pick the lesser of 2 evils, when the Bible clearly states that we are to have NO part of evil. So is this an exception?

Lastly, there are an alarming number of people who believe this is the beginning of the end. Somehow, through much delusion, people have pegged BOTH McCain and Obama as The Anti-Christ, (see previous rants). This has become a kind of catalyst for the *End Times* fanatics, and Christian Survivalists.

As I have observed and pondered all of this, I found that not all the people who study *End Times & Prophecy* are not ALL fanatics. Some women have genuinely studied Revelation, and The Book Of Daniel, for years as something of interest. They don't seem to think that the Anti-Christ will be a leader of the USA. More likely Isreal. The do not see either candidate as a threat to the Christian world, just to business as usual. I am very relieved to know there are level headed, educated people who do not allow paranoia to lead them, but instead; The Holy Spirit.

Shouldn't we all? It is refreshing to hear comprehendable discussion about The End Times and I appluad these women for speaking up and leading others to a reasonable place in their Christian walk.

Now, for all the others who are plaguing the internet with lies, misconceptions and paranoia, could you please calm down and just rest easy knowing you won't convert a soul with your bumper stickers, loud opinions, and ridiculous e-mails? I mean, did you EVER consider becoming vegan because you saw a VW plastered with *Proud To Be A Vegan* & *Save A Cow, Eat A Farmer* bumper stickers? Of course not. (I have nothing against vegans, or Farmers...just making a point)

And that point is: Everyone has an opinion, and some people feel compelled to unload it on anyone who will listen.

So if you feel strongly, you can excercise your right to voice your opinion by voting. That's really the only thing you can do that counts.

For me, I'm afraid of either choice and quite dissapointed that Americans pick whoever can buy the best campaign. Maybe I'll let you pick them. I'll just pray for them. Deal?

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