Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dog's 'N Babies

My little dog Minnie Lou is just smitten with Silas, my 4 month old grandson. She is wildly protective of him, and won't leave his side. Silas is sometimes interested in Minnie Lou, and sometimes not. He usually likes to pull her ears and smack at her. No matter what he does, she is still there, by his side. She seems unaffected by his tugging. She is not going anywhere because, as dog are by nature, she is fiercely loyal. What a friend Silas will have in that little white dog.

            I am blessed beyond measure to be able to sit with Silas and watch him do what babies do on any given Saturday afternoon. Sometimes he's just napping, and making funny faces, he occasionally fusses, only because he can't speak English yet, but mostly, he just sits in my lap and wonders about everything, including Minnie Lou who begs his attention. 

   I imagined being a Grandma since I was just a wee girl when I used to play house and instead of being a wife/mother, I'd often imagine I was a Grandma with glasses and an apron. Mission accomplished- I'm there! Well, this beats anything I could have conjured up playing house. It's wonderful and rewarding to see my grandson do just about anything from merely breathing to laughing out loud. 

Minnie is just waiting for Silas to come and play with her, and someday soon he will. But for now, he's just sitting pretty in my lap watching Minnie beg for treats, or chase a toy on the floor. She's patient. Maybe dogs just instinctively know that babies are babies until the time they are ripe enough to be toddlers and play? Minnie seems to know he's tiny and helpless and if someone rings the doorbell, all 8 lbs of her turn into a vile, ankle-biting machine, barking and jumping to make herself seem ferocious to protect little Silas. It's fairly comical to witness but it's the truth. She puts on quite a show all because she knows somehow, somewhere in here little doggy self that he is innocent, and belongs, and apparently, she believes it's her job. Far be it from me to interfere. But I know she's just waiting for the day Silas will play catch, or scratch her ears. It wouldn't surprise me if she wound up being mostly his dog and not mine. And I wouldn't mind a bit.

    This precious baby time is fleeting and it's natural, I suppose? I want Silas to walk and run and play chase little Minnie Lou. I want him to do things on his own, without any one's assistance. But I also want him to just stay tiny and need our laps for just a little while longer. 

  I guess, just like dogs who are loyal, God made parents who are anxious to see their child grow. He also made Grandma's who are reflective and appreciative, so that this time can be savored. It's a grand privilege to behold a growing child at any age, but babies are especially sweet because they are only babies for just a little while.

Silas, take your time.

Minnie Lou, you'll just have to wait a while.

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