Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ryan To The Rescue (That's My Boy)

My son Ryan is amazing to me. He always has been, but this takes the cake. He's trying to make the world a better place. Yes, that's his agenda.

So, while in college he studied alternative energy. Over the past year he has developed his own company here in North Texas called *W.I.R.E.S.* (Wilson Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions) and through local interests, and support he is providing solar water heaters to local builders so they can build new *Green Homes*. These water heaters heat using the sun's rays and converting them to energy to heat water to over 200 degrees. Better yet, it takes up very little space and and pay for themselves. Does your water heater do that?

Imagine your gas or electric bill cut by a 3rd or more? Water heaters take up a ridiculous amount of energy that can be naturally produced for free from the sun. Your not relying on the grid to supply this portion of your energy, so the end result is unlimited hot water and more money in your pocket. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Hey anytime I can keep more of what I earn, and not harm the environment, I'm happy.

This is just the start for Ryan. He's got some kind of freaky genius about him. He's always thinking of new inventions or ways to modify some gizmo. He thinks so outside the box! It's amazing to watch. He genuinely has a mind for mechanisms, and sometimes, I think I can actually SEE the gears turning in his head! (At least the smoke coming out of his ears..lol)

So keep an eye out for Ryan and his W.I.R.E.S...... Better yet; get involved. Consider alternative energy. Think you can't make a difference? Money tight? Well, you can always dry your clothes outside, grow your own veggies, and save rainwater... See? Your already on board.

This is so exciting!!! My sons out to make a difference. This isn't about commercial success, although that will naturally follow any great idea... it's about undoing the damage, and leaving a cleaner place for our great grandchildren. It's about keeping some of the hard earned money we earn, and it's about being self sufficient to a larger degree than oblivious America is now.

It's also about being a good steward of everything, and every responsibility God gives us. Our money, or homes, & our enviroment. Being a steward is the same as being a *manager*. We are to manage these things with the upmost respect. Respecting Gods creation seems like it would be pretty high on the priority list, eh? And it doesn't hurt to lead by example, either.

This is just the beginning... so hold on tight. The paddle wheels are rolling and Captain Ryan is at the helm.

Interested in purchasing a solar water heater? Contact me off-blog and I will forward your information, and have Ryan get back with you personally.

Go Ryan Go!
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