Friday, June 27, 2008

What Part of MOVE OVER Don't You Understand???

God is working on me about my road-rage. I hope He's working with you too.
In the interim, it would be wonderful if our local DMV's would put out a Public Service Message on all major channels, in English AND Spanish, in LARGE PRINT for the elderly, and in bright neon lettering so that we all, no matter what age, or language we speak GET THE MESSAGE: LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY!!!
I have considered becoming a graffiti artist, and instead of targeting railroad cars, I would focus soley on the left lane of the local highways. I would spray paint the message in the passing lane (AND IT IS A PASSING LANE) in glow-in-the-dark paint, each word spaced about 20 feet apart. MOVE THE BLAZES OVER!!!

WHY do we hog the passing lane??? It makes me nuts. It's not just me, and this isnt' about me... it's about safety. It is dangerous to pass on the right!

Maybe we should all be required to take a refresher class on defensive driving every 10 years?? (Oh don't groan!) It WOULD help.
But to make matters worse... the person in the passing lane isn't just oblivious...half the time they are DETERMINED to hold the absolute speed limit or just slightly below. Like they are policing that lane.

Another common scenario is; the person is on their cell phone and are completely unaware there is a line of traffic behind them eighteen cars deep. Or they don't care. Regardless, they are a hazard. WHY can't people on cell phones just make it a point to drive in (you guessed it) the RIGHT HAND LANE, also commonly known as the SLOW LANE???
So let's review: LEFT LANE (known as the FAST LANE or PASSING LANE) is to be utilized only for passing slower traffic in the other lanes to the right of them.
The middle lane is for cruising, and the far RIGHT LANE (SLOW LANE) is for talking on your cell phone, the elderly, and anyone about to exit to the right.
This is nationwide, and not unique to any one State. The abuse of this seems to be particularly rampent in TEXAS and most widely observed in KENTUCKY (GO KENTUCKY!!)
Spread the word... or better yet, OBSERVE, don't make me swerve, you've got some nerve, or you'll get the bird. ...
(Kidding... I don't give the bird. But in certain country's it means *PEACE*)
Just move over, .... Let me pass... get off your cell phone, and focus on the road.

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