Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, it's time to plant here in Texas. Last year my garden was my joy!

My tomatoes produced until late November. The earth rests, and I give it a little organic help to rejuvenate. When I till it up, it seems as though I am scratching the back of this world, telling it to *Rise & Shine*!

Seedlings are planted, and looked after tenderly until they are hardy. Vines sprout and curl, and corn pops in perfect rows with little arms extended in a *V* for Victory stance.

As the days get longer, and the soil warmer, I strain to win the fight against the nutgrass. It's usually a draw. But the plants prosper and an abundance is laid back for next winter, either in jars, frozen or dehydrated.

By late July I am exhausted, and making loud proclamations to noone imparticular that I will never have a garden again! It's just not worth the effort, and the heat exhaustion, and backaches. Yet, come next January, my Seed Catalogs will arrive, along with a renewed interest in some heirloom seed or hybrid plant that I just can't resist. I will have long forgotten about the blisters and callauses on my hands, and the pain of standing back up after weeding. Days of 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity will be like a faint dream.... And the cycle continues.

I hope when I am old, I'll still have container gardens and reflect fondly of the years when I was able to tame the earth with a hoe in one hand and a water bucket in the other.
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