Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simplicity Simplified

Simplicity is no more than the absense of confusion.
While we all strive to declutter and simplify our lives, you may look around at your home and not *feel* the simplicity.

Do you feel distracted by having too many items displayed or do they belong together and make sense? Do they serve a purpose?
As you clean up your home, start with putting away anything on counters, (pill bottles, pens, crochet hooks, etc..) and put them away wherever they belong. Maybe now is the time to make a special bin for your crocheting hooks and yarn? Label it while your at it and you won't be sorry.
If taking on your whole house at one time is overwhelming, try it room by room. Still too much? Divide the room in halves or quarters and work it one section at a time to stay focused. Make a list, and cross it off as you go for a sense of accomplishement.
Some of the most beautifying items I've seen in homes are utilitarian. Kerosene lamps, cleaned with a fresh cut wick...just waiting for a power outage. Pretty plants that are medicinal... Aloe Vera, is an exoctic look in a window. A bundle of wood in a copper pot... winters not quite over. All these SERVE you, you don't serve them by keeping up with them for naught.

Put your thinking cap on and work at making your home serene, & functional by simplifying and limiting the amount of items you keep *just in case*, and the items your keeping for no reason at all. If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you won't use it at all. Give it away... get the tax reciept and appreciate the order.
More to come on simplifiying...
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