Sunday, July 19, 2009

Relying On Each Other

Star and Minnie Lou have become unlikely companinions this week. Star and her brother Hutch were from the same litter. When he died this week, I feared mostly for Star.

Hutch was the quiet, almost stoic dog who protected his home. Star is kind of a silly, sweet dog with a touch of ADD. (Look, there's a squirrel!) Both lived mostly outside unless the weather was bad. They were both trained to behave inside, but at 80+ lbs, were happier romping around our half acre backyard.

Minnie Lou is the inside dog, who's job it is to alert me of suspicious noises in the night (or so she thinks).

Scott suggested I leave Star inside for a few days to help adjust to Hutch's absence. What a great idea! I left her in Friday while I worked, wondering how she would do. My answer was immediate upon opening up the door. Both Star and Minnie Lou were side by side to greet me. They haven't separated since.

It's a good thing, having those you can rely on. Death, even in an animal can be upsetting, and even a shock. How reassuring it is to know that regardless of the circumstance, you have those who care about you, and will be there for you to see you through the hard times.

Maybe I'm a little fixated on my dogs??? It's possible, but I see that I need to draw closer to those around me and let them know they are appreciated more. I also need to remember I can rely on them as well.

Troubles come in many forms, not just death. Our society is so obcessed with material wealth, that I wonder if most are aware of what really makes one rich? It isn't money, because money cannot take away cancer, blindness, or bitterness. But to have family, and the support that comes with it is something money cannot buy. It's a treasure that is too often not sought until it's too late, or taken for granted when we focus our desires on what the world has to offer.

May we be thankful, even grateful to God for the little blessings each day, for the compassion of friends, and the joy of family.
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