Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Definitions And Busy-Bodies

People who really know me well, know that I don't pretend to be *plain* in the most literal sense of the word. However, people who I encounter routinely, such as; neighbors, the mail-man, coworkers, etc.. would describe me as very conservative, and somewhat religious, especially my mail-man, since he see's all the Christian literature I subscribe to. But he's a nice guy and doesn't give me a hard time:-)
I have many *Plain* Anabaptist friends, because this is where my journey has led me. They all pretty much accept this as fact: "It is what it is".
So I'll get directly to the point: Some people need to mind their own business. There are people on the internet who like to pose as *plain*, and have a pretty harsh opinion of anyone who doesn't measure up to their standards. They may wear a covering, or suspenders, given the gender, and belong to 30 different plain groups. But the problem is; that doesn't make them a Christian. That's a heart issue. And meddling in other peoples affairs is only an open admission to a serious character flaw.
There are also people I have gotten to know over the internet that I've become very fond of over the years. Some genuinely know me. I am who I am. I have vascilated over the years as I have tried to find my *happy place* with God, and who hasn't? I have also spent too much time trying to please people, verses God.
Please pray for all the lonely people who have nothing better to do than judge people who post innocently on Yahoo Groups, Myspace & Facebook. It seems that once someone figures out what 1 Corinthains 11, & Titus 2 is about, many make a mission in life to show others their superior knowledge and condemn anyone who second guesses themselves or the advice given, ad nauseum, of those who have been enlightened.
How is that making the Love Of Christ attractive to seekers?

I am amazed that lonely, bitter people gravitate towards such dark, negative behavior, when there is a heavenly bounty of love just waiting to be poured upon them for simply loving thy neighbor.

And although I have blogged about this numerous times, I am still confused as to why people feel the need to monitor other people on the internet, let alone have very, very strong opinions about those who may not be led in the same direction?
I understand perfection. I understand Godliness, but not everyone is lead in the same direction at the same time. People are flawed! (Another blog, another time), and God uses those flaws to bring us to His throne, when we bend our will to His. However, you can look Godly on the outside, and still not be Godly on the inside.
What happened to "Get thee behind me satan?" Why do we not control our impulses just as we are biblically instructed? (Or at least try?)
Before we point a finger, lets remember we all fall short...
In Christ,

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