Thursday, August 27, 2009

Riding The Fence

Do you ever find yourself riding the fence between what you know your supposed to do and what society deems acceptable behavior? I do nearly everyday. Most recently to make my hit list of things I refuse to indulge in: Professional Wrestling.
Now, before you laugh... hear me out. This is just one slight example of how television, marketing, and greed have brainwashed us into accepting something that should be unacceptable.

Watching cable tv, I am stunned at the amount of indecency that has made it's way into our living rooms. I remember 15 years ago when wrestling was an exaggerated form of machismo and acrobatics. There was always a *Dick Dastardly*
type bad guy set up to loose the fight (at the last minute) as children's hero's such as Hulk Hogan flung them against the ropes and pinned them to the ground. Me and my children cheered as The Hulk or any other *good guy* defended their title and paraded around the ring, belt held high over head. Back in the day, that's what little boys did...scream at the tv and talk about who their favorite wrestler's. Mom's just tried to look enthusiastic, clap and cheer when the boys did and nuke another bowl of popcorn.

Those days are history. Not that it was ever a dignified event.... sure, it's cheesy, but when did it become so"porn-like"??? Yes, I know even boxing matches have pretty girls between rounds, but what I saw in 30 seconds or less would have made a sailor blush! Next channel! But the next channel is filled with music videos of young girls gyrating on a pole... next channel: Desperate something or another... Next channel; bloody simulated violence. STOP.

I am all for art, and freedom of expression. But enough is enough. I am stunned when I think that I am 47, and remember when the word *sex* wasn't used on television, and Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds. Samantha and Darren were *expecting*, and no one needed to see how they arrived in that situation on the 6 previous episodes. Do we really need ALL the details, regardless of how graphic they are? Sitcoms are now making jokes about things that I would get fired for if I discussed them on the job. Why? Because jokes of a sexual nature, in most everyday situations such as work, social events, church, school, etc.. would be considered, even TODAY, as indecent, infringing, and at the very least; tasteless. But apparently television is the exception? We can all gather in our living rooms and have a laugh about things that would otherwise embarass us to no end if we were sitting in an office with our coworkers, or our Sunday School Class, or the PTO Meeting? Isn't that a double standard?

Yes, I know every generation worries about the one after them... but the amount of deception, and vulgarity that everyday America is exposed to is frightening. An entire generation or more is completely desynthesized from what was not too long ago considered obscene. I am not in any way suggesting that sex, in it's rightful place is obscene, no, that is not the case. Sex is beautiful and intimate... an absolute mystery that is never completely unraveled between two people. They spend their whole married lives loving each other as God intended in a delicate physical union, and THAT is beauty at it's finest. Children most often spring forth as a result and the cycle continues. That type of intimacy is often times a way to say to a spouse, what words fail in every detail.

But the way it is minimized, and portrayed in the media to be so meaningless and slight tells me that not very many people care. That it IS becoming as common as light bread, and noone really values it as a loving act between a husband and wife. Very few revere it as sacred anymore. That chills me to the bone.

I am going to get off the fence and stop my bad habit of *channel-flipping*. I am going to memorize the good channels (yes, there are still channels that are not corrupted), and only view what is edifying to my mind and spirit. Maybe just a good book instead? A walk around the block, or a vigorous hoe in the garden? Will you join me? We may just change the world one network at a time.
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