Friday, August 13, 2010

Burleson Public Library - FOR SHAME!!

Matthew 18:10 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

How is it possible that Jackie Collin's book "Poor Little #itch Girl" is literally SHOWCASED at the circulation desk at the Burleson Public Library, and I am the only person to notice? It seems impossible to me, because as I waited my turn in line today, I was rather horrified that I couldn't escape it! It was right there, as you walk up to the counter, at about chest level. That's pretty much the same as a 10 year olds eye-level. Now, I wasn't sure how to handle this? I asked myself; "What is the appropriate thing to do?" How many little children stared at this today???
I'm not a prude and I don't care if adults read this sort of thing. I am not their judge. But I feel strongly about issues that impact children. This is one of them. I decided to go home and make some phone calls since I do not know who is in charge at the library.
This is a PUBLIC library, and I asked myself- *What stops them from putting porn on the shelves?" Probably public opinion. Many things in society have been socially accepted at one point in time, only to become taboo later. Smoking is an example of something that people 30 years ago were indifferent to. I remember my Mother smoking in a grocery store. But because the potential harm was made known, and public opinion changed, laws have been put into place that make it illegal to smoke in certain places. So opinion matters and we have a voice. I'm just dumbfounded that I am having to put effort into voicing my opinion on something so obviously offensive.
This is public service funded by our tax money. Would we tolerate this elsewhere? We have other public services: Schools for instance. A student would not be allowed to wear a T-shirt with the word "#itch" across it, because it would be considered obscene and offensive and people cannot help but see it. I realize that there are books with offensive words in them in public schools. However, there is a massive difference in what subject matter is placed in elementary schools versus high schools. We would not want our children in 3rd grade to have full access to book that high school students can access. Yet, there it is, right in your face! If the title didn't have a curse word and the cover didn't look like it was XXX rated, I wouldn't have take issue with it. I realize trashy romance novels exhist. This is just another example of how deteriorated our society has become.
I'm not even upset that they carry the book. I have no doubt that there are books in THE ADULT SECTION that may be in conflict with my morality. But they are not purposely set out like a trap to snare the attention of minors. To find them you have to purposely be seeking them out.
I have made a two phone calls; one to the City of Burleson and another directly to the library. I expect the book to be placed among adult books and out of the direct line of vision of children.

Burleson Public Library- if you were my child I'd take you to the woodshed!
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