Friday, August 13, 2010

VICTORY!!! (Library Update)

Jesus loves the little children. And apparently some local librarians too.

My call to the library kind of fell on deaf ears, because the book with the obscenities on it had been checked out already. I'm thinking the person I spoke with thought *problem solved* and didn't pursue it any further.
However, I have been down this road before and know to follow up complaints with something in writing. I choose to e-mail the Director Of the Burleson Public Library, and also included his entire staff.

Let me say this; within 20 minutes of my e-mail, my phone rang and it was the Director, Mr. Rodney Bland. Mr. Bland was extremely apologetic and went on to say that he will have a full staff meeting Monday to discuss the issue. He understood that I was not trying to censor any author or reading material, but wanted blatant adult content placed in the very adult section that is no where near children. He agreed that this book had no business where it was placed. He also said some of his staff are of *the next generation*, and it's no excuse, but they simply do not exercise discretion the way they should. That will be the topic of the meeting.
We had a nice chat and he told me he was a very *hands on Father* and expected his grown children to instill the same values in his grandchildren. I almost stood up to applaud!
Burleson is once again a safe little hamlet and I can rest a little easier knowing my work here is done. (Sorry for the seemed fitting!)
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