Sunday, February 27, 2011

Apathy & Wal Mart

For years now, we have all commented on the *People Of Walmart*, the human freak shows parading around the place, and the general attitude of "apathy" that seems to prevail there. However, today I think I found a small victory. Someone went the extra mile for me, for you, for our children and showed the world they CARE.
This is how it unfolds: Earlier in the year, I am walking through the Burleson Public Library only to see Jackie Collins new book; "Poor Little Bi%ch Girl" prominently displayed at eye level of about a 10 year old. I went nuts, took pictures, and called out the Powers That Be at the Burleson PUBLIC Library. It was handled professionally, and courteously, and a staff meeting the following morning was held to address this issue with the staff, who I was told; "Are young and sometimes indifferent". *****SSSSSIIIIIGGGGHHHHHH**********
I cannot tolerate indifference. It is the same as apathy and you know you've hit a hard spot in the road when you simply cease to care one way or the other about things that impact the innocent. But the bottom line is; the issue WAS addressed and corrected for all the right reasons. Perhaps this little lesson will take root with the young and indifferent? One can only hope.

Fast forward to today, when my husband and I have to make a last minute run to Walmart to pick up incidentals for an upcoming trip. We were discussing *dress* and the how much the public has ceased to care how they go out and are seen in stores, as a mother in pajama's walked in front of us, carrying a baby in PJ's and several half-dressed children. We wondered just when did people just stop caring at all? What was the catalyst? My husband said he thinks it isn't one thing, but numerous things that have slowly ebbed away our sense of decency. We discussed language, and how phrases like "That Sucks" and others like it have permeated our society, and literally to some, have become acceptable....even for children to say. They are not aware that this term came from an *oral* reference for sex. Yet, parents just let their children say it, because they don't want to control their own tongue, and yes, THEY want to say it and not be held the least bit accountable. It is the slow, desynthesizing of our character that has changed, and nothing more. Blame television if you like, or rock music if it makes you feel better. But the truth is; Pop Culture effects us all, with or without a television, or modern music.
So on to my little VICTORY: We are cruising through Electronics in Wallyworld, and I walk over to look at the books. What do I immediately see? Jackie Collins nasty little book!!! Where is it? EYE LEVEL with a child! GGGGGrrrr! I hot-foot-it over to an associate and report my findings. One person informed me that it is the vendor who places the books, and I quickly told her I don't care, because I shop at Walmart, not directly from the vendor. A sweet lady, named Marie stepped in. Bless her heart, she said: "Let's go see what we can do". ... and we did. We found the book and she was as disgusted as I was. Luckily there is no PLU tag under each book. So she took everyone of them, and swapped them with another, more suitable book that was on the very top shelf. Once completed, we couldn't even read the title, or the obscenity! WAY TO GO MARIE!
I hugged her neck. Seriously, I feel like sometimes I'm the only person with radar left in the free world. I know this can't be true...but rather, Satan is walking around like a lion, seeking whom he may destroy..
My friends, do not allow apathy to put a cage around your heart and take courage in the small everyday victories found through decent, God-fearing character. Together, we really all can make a difference. We may never be able to teach people how to dress,.... but that's another thought for another day...
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