Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm not really broken....
I'm just a little scarred,
I don't look like you do,
but accepting that seems way too hard.

I'm not really broken
just a little bit cracked,
but if you cared a little more,
you'd take this burden off my back.

Why won't you embrace me,
without making a list
Of all the things you don't like,
and everything you think I've missed?

Chorus 1:

I can learn a new way over time,
without giving up my peace of mind,
The path I've been on has made me wise
without the pain of compromise.

I'm not really broken,
but I'm a little torn,
my edges might be rougher
from constant comments full of scorn.

Don't try to reshape me,
I'm not your ball of clay.
Its not your job to recreate me,
into what you thinks a better way.

Stop trying to change me,
Just welcome me in,
If you want to hold me,
And let love wash away my sin.

I'm not really broken,
I've just been on the road,
My past is all behind me,
Won't you help me lighten up my load?

Chorus 2:

I'm just waiting to be welcomed home
And so tired of being all alone
Why is love so carelessly denied
When it was love incarnate crucified?

I'm not really broken...

Written by Kelly Hunt 3-26-11
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