Saturday, March 26, 2011

Acceptance & Evangelism

Looking back at American History it's easy to see that Christians had an agenda when they tried to convert Native Americans and it wasn't just teaching them about Jesus. They wanted to change their culture and *Christianize* them.

Have things really changed since the 1800's? I'm thinking not. While I comprehend that we all go through a spiritual metamorphosis when we accept Christ as our Savior, it is The Holy Spirit that changes us from within. Additionally, reading the Bible will convict a persons heart in it's own time. So why do we constantly try to make these choices for people? Why do we take it upon ourselves to try to make them conform to the standards that we have already either been convicted of, or where groomed from the cradle to exhibit?

I think we need to be realistic about how we plan to change the heart of the world, and also be patient in the process. We have to be willing to reach out and take the hand of someone who's appearence may be off-putting, someone who might not smell great, someone who looks different than the people at church, at work, or our peers. People who don't fit in. People who have taken a hard path, who have been rode hard & put up wet. Jesus died for their sins too. We can't just try to save the pretty people.

Something to ponder.
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