Tuesday, July 1, 2008

By Invitation Only :-)

I just needed an excuse to post this picture. Everyone needs a sense of humor.

While I am on a roll, let me mention there are a many great *Yahoo Groups* that are oriented to the Anabaptists.

You can search under *Anabaptist, but I can't condone every group. So let me suggest a few groups to search for if your looking to expand your knowlede of Anabaptist doctrine, or simply ask a few questions.

Copy and paste these in your Yahoo-Groups Search Engine, or click on the links:


Anabaptist_Seekers Conservative_Anabaptists HeadcoveringChristians headcovering & earlychristianstoday and additionally:GodsAbundantBlessings ... There are others, but I caution you that some who claim to be Mennonite, or Anabaptist are not a true representation of what you will find in an actual church. Keep that in mind. Most are converts (I am) but I admit it up front and don't claim to have all the answers. I'm still in the *seeker* catagory, even though it's been years, because there is such disagreement over doctrine within the Anabaptist Churches.

You can do a Yahoo search under *Amish & Mennonite* and find additional groups.

I am moderator on *Headcovering, & Open Amish & Mennonite.

On the other lists, I can say whole heartedly that the Moderators are great Christians, and you will be welcome to ask questions and learn as you seek.

Go on now... run along and go check out these groups. But before you go, set the picture as your screensaver on the PC. You know you want to:-)


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