Monday, July 14, 2008

Wal Mart & Muffintops (Stop The Insanity)

I am endlessly amazed at the Wal-Mart Freak Parade. Is it JUST the Burleson Wal-Mart, or is this a nationwide pandemic? I have been to many Wal-Marts, in various cities and states, but the Burleson Wal-Mart takes the cake, (or muffin), by a country mile, pun intended.

By sheer volume, it is the most disgusting display of belly-buttons, bad ink, offensive t-shirts, and gives a new meaning to *proud flesh*.
I am sure each generation has something to mark their existence, to separate them from the previous one. Baby Boomers, Gen-Xr's, etc all have trademarks. I am not as much offended by the flesh as I am the ugliness of it. I am aware that modesty is a virtue, but lets face it; a trip to any public place will put any Christian face-to-face with worldly values, or the lack thereof. We can't expect people who don't know Christ to embrace our values.

But, is it too much to ask that the skin shown is at least lean and tone? I'm a little overweight, and with age comes gravity, and sadly, I have a better body than most of the overweight 20 year olds I see.

When did obesity become attractive???
Now, I believe there are a lot of obese people with beautiful personalities, AND tan fat is definitely more attractive than pale, white fat... I know I shouldn't care... BUT, why is this being tolerated??? Even more confusing; Why is this being embraced?
I was standing in line waiting to check out, and I see a muffin-top with a tramp-stamp in front of me. I was scrambling to get my camera phone turned on because I wanted to prove to the world, the uniqueness of the Burleson Wal-Mart once and for all, when in walks a woman who looked like the Johnson County version of Brittney Spears. She was sporting a fedora, and was easily 6 ft tall in her ankle strap stiletto's. She wore a black halter top, that was modest in comparison to her gauze-thin white skirt that generously displayed her black t-back thong and all of her behind. Clearly, she was between shifts at the Cabaret.

In all of my confusion, I never did get a picture. I had to *Google*; Muffintop to get the picture on this post. But it is pretty dern close to what I see every week as I try to shop for laundry detergent, strawberries, and pop-tarts... along with hundreds of other Mothers, Fathers, and their children. Will I live to see a day when simply band aides over our naughty bits will suffice? When will store-owners step in and ask people to dress decently?
Honestly, we are becoming so desynthesized that nudity no longer shocks anyone. At one time, nudity was reserved for burlesque theatres. The general public, including small children where not victimized by others lack of self-respect or need for attention.
If Wal-Mart were a nightclub, where minors where not allowed, I could see where a dress code wouldn't need to be enforced. All that separates Wal-Mart from some of the seediest clubs I can imagine is a liquor license and a DJ...
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