Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Acts Of Kindness

*RAK*, or Ransom Acts Of Kindness. Think about it... let it soak in... now go do something nice for someone just because you can.
Think of it as *Paying It Forward*, or jerking a knot in Kharma's tail.
I know what your thinking: Kelly's been hugging too many trees. Not at all... I am just weary of *attitude* and obliviousness.
Once again, on my way to work today, there is a woman in a nice sedan talking on her cell phone, in the FAST LANE, doing about 61 MPH, and oblivious to the 9 cars who cannot safely pass behind her. I needed to exit, so I take a chance and pass on the right... It took ALL my self control to not make a face, roar by, hit my bright lights 19 times.... and instead, I said a prayer for her. This was not easy. I am not very *saintly* in traffic. But she's completely consumed with her conversation and not the least with anyone elses saftey. She needs that kindness. Yes, I am aware that my little prayer isn't a monumental feat.... I am not feeding the hungry or dipensing medical supplies to in Ethiopia.. It's just a prayer. But that's my point; It's a place to start. It's something we can ALL do. Can't we???
Moving forward:
Later in the day I face the same problem I face everyday: Our office bathroom. I stroll into the ladies room and I'm met with a ferocious odor. Ok,. I know that every skunk knows it's own hole, but I am dumbfounded that grown women either do not KNOW about a *courtesy flush* or are, once again; oblivoius to everyone else around them and do not care if others suffer.
So, my solution?? OZIUM!! It's an air sanitizer found at most Wal-Marts, & Targets. It's pricey; About $5.00 for a small thin canaster, but boy is it worth it! It's slim container fits snugly in my purse, (it's about 5" tall) and doesn't mask the odor, it eliminates it with ease. It takes only one or two spritzes in the air to reduce the worst odors and replace them with a lovely vanilla, or new car scent. (Hey it beats the alternative)
That isn't much... a prayer and a spritz... but its a start. At least I didn't rage at either situation. I just took it upon myself to be proactive. See, these are common situations that I can easily anticipate and act kindly towards. I know every morning that someone will be hogging the fast lane, so I allow for extra time, and offer up a little prayer. I know in advance that there are women who are not the least bit offended by their own stench, and apparently are quite proud of it, so I am prepared to be kind enough to assist with my handy can of Ozium. It's a RAK. It's turning a negative into a positive.
But with that said; Isn't it amazing that women do this? Having a housefull of boys, this isn't a new situation... I always thought it was just a boy-thing.. or perhaps just a male-thing... I always think of women as naturally more sweet-smelling in general, and more *conscience* of the issue. Again; what happened to a good old fashioned courtesy flush???
What I have a bigger problem with is applying the RAK theory to unexpected situations. A co-worker who is ugly to me, or a customer who is unkind. Rude people on the street, mean teenagers, a neighbor with a sour attitude, or a mean streak? The list could go on for quite a while, but I think you get the picture... Everyone have encounters with challenging personalites and situations.
I guess the bottom line is: Do I pay them back with equally ugly behavior? What am I SUPPOSED to do? The Bible says I am to pray for my enemies and repay unkindness with kindness. The Bible is loaded with RAK theories, and was Pro-RAK before we ever gave it a name. More than that; we are actually be non-resistant and offer up the opportunity to slap us one more time. (just a reminder of how far we need to go to be gracious)
So, get started today. Blow the dust off the bible on your nightstand and start reading it in a whole new light. Look for ways to bless those who don't deserve it... you may just lower your blood pressure and bless yourself in the process. Until then, I'm praying for you:-)
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