Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiness...It's A Tough Gig

I wonder about this world and it's values, or the lack-thereof. I know there are lots of people with strong Christian values, and other people with just good moral values, but it seems that we are overwhelmed by pop-culture that says we should shun anything moral, or pure and just go for sheer hedonism.

When I consider what the Bible has to say about holiness... it seems clear to me that Christians are to be the opposite of pop-culture. Now, you may be picturing a NERD in your head, but I don't think that is the general idea. I think when pop-culture tells us to put our 6 year olds in clothing that looks like something a streetwalker would wear, with *HOT* spelled out on the bottom of the pants...we should excercise some common sense. What happened to keeping our children pure and innocent? *BRATS* dolls are another common sense no-no, imho, but yet I know mothers who will defend their decision to let their little girls have them. They look like hookers! How can you say this is acceptable?

Little boys are playing video games with very suggestive content and some parents don't seem to mind. I've actually heard parents say: "Well, their going to learn about it sooner or later". *IT* can be violence, divorce, racial hatred, and sex. (I'm sure there are others)... But it is the parents JOB to protect our children. They don't NEED to learn everything all at once. Yes, they will most likely be exposed to everything in their lifetime. But if given the proper love, and training, they will recognize SIN AS SIN... not water it down as something we just endure. AND it's never going to be the popular descision! You will always be the one who seems like a wet blanket...raining on the kids parade. But in the end, they will love you for it. Just think how proud your making God???

So as you consider all your holiday shopping and what you'll buy for the kiddies... please take into consideration what they are being exposed to. Whatever you give them, they will interpret as acceptable. Movies, Games, dolls, and clothing... we all have a choice to make.
The Bible says: *Be HOLY as I am HOLY*... Who's side are you on? Gods, or the worlds?

Furthermore; Be verbal about sin. When there is something that is just plain WRONG, ...say so. Explain WHY it's wrong. There's going to be a day when little children become vocal and opinionated teens and they need to know where the line is, EVEN if they challenge it.

Be brave. Take a stand. Be Holy.
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