Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why I Celebrate Christmas

Here it is...Christmas Eve... I'm so excited. For one magical day, I turn into a kid again. So does my husband! We were a bit late on getting the tree up, but we managed last weekend, and it is beautiful.
Many Chistians do not celebrate Christmas, or refuse to have a tree, or anything to do with Santa Claus. I respect their right to do so. BUT, not I. I teach my kids and grandkids about Jesus, Mary and Joseph...the angels & wise men... AND about the man Saint Nicholaus, who really lived at one time, and excemplified an unselfish nature by giving to the needy all the time.
Christmas trees were supposedly once used by pagans... Well, they aren't anymore, and I've never been a pagan, (not even sure if I know any pagans either), and I have decided MY TREEwill represent eternal life through Christ. I will remind my family that it points heavenward as a reminder of why we celebrate.
Since God made the world, (pagans included), and made the pine trees, and all the material we use to decorate it... I still say GOD GETS THE CREDIT, regardless of what some ancient religion did thousands of years ago.
I will be baking cookies, and playing with grandchildren... visiting my folks.. and making phone calls to the family up north. Tinsel is dripping from my ceilings, and the wreath is on my door. Whoo-hoo! Christmas time is finally here!
May yours be everything you want it to be.
Blessings In Jesus!

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