Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Genuine Gratitude

You know the song; "Count your many blessings name them one, by one... Count your many blessings, see what God hath done!" I remember singing it since I was a little girl. As I write, the song is dancing through my head like an anthem, not a hymn!
Gratitude, from the deepest place in my heart cannot be explained in a word other than THANK YOU LORD. Today I am grateful for the generosity that the family of God has shown my family recently. I actually was wondering not two weeks ago if there was anyone who would reach out to me in the event of a crisis? If something were to happen to my husband, would I bear the brunt of this alone? Who do I know that would reach out and help me emotionally??? Financially??? Physically??? Spiritually???

Several family members come to mind... I know there are a few who would and maybe a one or two more that would if asked. But I don't really have the genuine confidence that anyone other than my children and very immediate family really care much about me. I spoke to my husband about it and honestly, he didn't have a lot of confidence that anyone other than my children, my Step-Parents, and possibly a brother care one way or another about me. It perplexes him, as his family is so close.
So the pity party lasted about an hour, and I quickly left the topic and the party behind me. Trust in The Lord with all thine heart... lean not unto they own understanding.
As I went about my usual business, I noticed my husband was rather quiet of late. I was concerned that he may be depressed? He said no, but he had some jobs cancel on him, and told me we'd best sit on our hands. Without going into detail, we have suffered some financial blows in the past few months. I wrecked our car, thus we had to put money into a new one... jobs cancelled, so and so forth. The reasons don't really matter, but to get to the point: We were getting nervous.
Because I am naturally a survivalist, I make a list of all we have, what we will need, and what can wait. Scott is planning the bills based on priority and we are both at a loss as to handle what was left in our bank account. To make things worse, we were charged for an ATM withdrawal that never happened. The ATM was out of cash, but they docked our account...
Now, you've all been there. The downward spiral of disaster seems to defy gravity at times, doesn't it? But oddly, at the very same time that we are scratching our heads, God does his BEST WORK with those who love Him. Honestly, I'd think He was showing off, if I didn't know any better?
I had friends reach out to help us with clothing, as I've gotten rather portly as of late and have few winter clothes. I was given a brand new, made just for me dress, and several hand-me-downs that are so pretty, I feel almost skinny again!
Food has magically appeared in my freezer. MAYBE I forgot I bought it, but I wasn't counting on it and to top it off, I found 3 coupons for FREE bread product OF MY CHOICE at the Bakery Thrift Store!
Then a check comes. A substantial check from a dear friend. He and his family didn't have to, they joyfully volunteered. This was initially hard to take, because I am usually on the flip side of the coin. And help comes in various forms, but we try to assist when we see the opportunity. Sometimes it's just listening to someone... or helping someone with clothing, food, or household goods. We aren't wealthly, so usually, it's just pitching in and being there.
We never thought of ourselves as the ones who would need a hand, but suddenly; there we are. You have to swallow a little pride to put yourself on the receiving side of charity. But isn't that the point? I don't think I have ever felt so humble...so grateful... so CARED FOR.

Then it hit me; there are people who love me enough to reach out to me in a crisis. My family consists of both those who are blood relation & those who are related to me through the blood of Christ.
Thank you all for reaching out and letting us know we are sincerely loved.
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