Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Cozy Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all! I am sitting here feeling the chill in the air, and looking for snow. Yes, it snows in Texas and I believe we are in for a dandy of a winter!

This season, my husband Scott and I choose to keep the Christmas chaos to a minimum and just have a simple holiday. This stemmed from the same thing that has effected us all; The Economy. However, it was probably one of the best choices we've made in a long time.

We kept out decorations to a bit of greenery and a bow here and there. No lights on the house, no wreaths on every window... just a simple candle here and there and a red tablecloth, and cards strung across a string in the kitchen. It's a simple kind of lovely.

Gifts are also limited, but as a result; no last minute rushing about. No traffic to deal with, and no pushy shoppers or check out lines.

For the first time in years, I am completely relaxed and enjoying the simplicity and joy of Christmas!

I have noticed the same with my Mennonite/Amish friends as well. We are all enjoying baking, children, board games, and laughter... all a result of keeping it simple. A Mennonite friend who has a special needs daughter wrote an email that explained her daugher Mary had unwrapped EVERY GIFT they had while Mom was in the basement cleaning. What a laugh we all got, and surely sympathized with her mother, but joy comes in many facets. What fun Mary must have had?!

The snow is beginning to fall... My husband is cutting up a ham... The dogs are all in and being good, thankful that they don't have to be in the cold. Oh, the flakes! If you could see the giant flakes of snow coming down?! It's beautiful. Before long, my birdbath, and the tree branches will be trimmed in white. Tonight we will start a fire in the woodburner... and soak up the warmth, while putting the last minute touches on tomarrows Christmas menu.

My life is good. My friends are many. My joy is abounding all because I appreciate the smallest of things and find contentment in a bit of crocheting, or a wholesome novel. Sometimes, it's my animals that make me laugh out loud with their silliness. A phone call from my children, and grandchildren brighten my day. Just knowing they are all happy brings a smile to my face and a grateful prayer to my lips. All very small, easily overlooked happenings, but if I'm not distracted with too much business, I can clearly see the the small stuff that makes for much contentment.

I am so thankful for this very moment and all the moments that lead up to today. I'm grateful for my friends both here and on the internet who keep me focused on God, and keep me laughing through the year. I am honored that they pray for me and allow me to pray for them.

May you all have a blessed year in 2010, and may God help you overcome adversity, embrace simplicity, and be aware of the joy that comes in the smallest of ways.


Sis Kelly
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