Monday, December 28, 2009

A Look At Those Who Go Before Us

In this year 1528, nine brethren and three sisters were apprehended at Bruck, on the Mur, in Steyermark. They were condemned for their faith, and taken in bonds out of the city, to the place of execution; but they were glad and of good cheer, and said, "This day we will suffer in this place for the word of God, and offer to Him our sacrifice." Rom. 12:1; II Tim. 4:6. They also earnestly admonished the lords of Bruck, that they should know that they rendered themselves guilty of innocent blood.
A ring having been formed, they all knelt down (Acts 7:60; 20:36), and earnestly prayed to God; that they might now finish this their evening sacrifice. They then arose and submitted to the sword. The executioner was sad; for he did not like to do it. The youngest of them all entreated his brethren, that, since he felt of good cheer and bold, they should let him suffer the first pain; he then kissed them, and said, "God bless you, my beloved brethren; today we shall all be together in Paradise." Luke 23:43. Thus these nine brethren were beheaded in a green field; they were so undaunted that it was astonishing to behold-it.
They knelt down; and thus poured out their blood through the smiting of the sword. The three sisters were drowned; they would in no wise depart from God and His truth. The youngest one laughed at the water; which was seen by many a one there. Some held that the devil had hardened them; but others were moved in their hearts, so that they confessed that God must have given this, since otherwise it could not be possible. Thus they valiantly testified to the holy and divine truth.
Who of us in this day and age have the boldness to die joyfully in the name of God? I would not wish this for any of my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, but the truth is; It could happen. And to think these people in 1528 were being persecuted for their faith BY people who called themselves Christians! But these martyrs were being accused of doing something unthinkable: They were re-baptizing themselves as adults! This was seen as a crime worthy of death.
Would you joyfully allow someone to behead you for this belief? Or be drowned for this sake? These are the people that paved the way so that you, an adult believer can be baptized without fear of death.

These people were known as *Anabaptists*...which translates into; *twice baptized*.
My intention is to post a bit about these people who died for this privalidge now and then. I love history and I appreciate knowing about their sacrifices. It gives me a feeling of determination in my own faith. It makes me grateful for the freedoms I've always known in my life. It reminds me that my life is not my own, it is Gods, and whatever happens in my life, it should all be to glorify The Lord, even unto death.
May I have the grace to live EVERY moment joyfully for God and God alone.
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