Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Then Try, Try, Agian.....

I have been on a church-hunt for 2 years. I know, I know... there isn't a *perfect* church, and if there WAS, it wouldn't be after I got there.
While I am certain I will never agree 100% with everything at any particular denomination, I am trying to find one that only has small peripheral issues that aren't salvational in nature to disagree with. Is that even possible anymore???
We have a church on every corner of our home town... I have been to several and find them all *nice*, but nothing that overwhelms me with a feeling like I have *come home*. In the past I have attended Pentecostal, (too scary for the hubby), Non-Denominational (Which means they really don't have to answer to anyone, they make up the rules as they go), Methodist, Episcopal, and every flavor of Baptist.
My husband is Lutheran... but has been out of that church for so long that I think even HE has difficulty keeping up with the program... so that's another denomination knocked out of the ballpark...
So, back to the Baptist Churches... there's always that OSAS issue... I still say you can walk away if you get a mind to... but for the most part, God saves by GRACE... I just always fear some will accept Jesus like cheap fire insurance... then go on sinning. It's not supposed to be that way. We should be wringing out our minds like a dirty washcloth from sin. Not just saying a prayer *just in case*.
So I ponder on...
I was blessed to speak to a Brethren friend this weekend, who politely chewed me a new behind. She pointed out that I need to find a decent church where the Word Of God is being preached and just settle in and get busy. Wise woman.
But where IS that church???
Do Denominations really matter???
I personally like the idea of a Statement Of Faith... but other than that; what should I be looking for? What questions do I ask??
I just don't want to get caught up in *religion*. I want genuine fellowship with mostly-like-minded believers. I don't want to just go to church because I feel obligated to... I want to go because I love to. You have to love the church to love to go. I don't always get a warm fuzzy from some churches...I don't care for indifference or complacency.
I want a church that is on fire for God, but not suckered into such modern modes of worship that they throw away the hymnals, and have a 75 member praise team.... each with an individual hand-held microphone... I am avoideding the churches that sing: *Our God Is An Awesome God* every other Sunday because noone know the words to *It Is Well Within My Soul*. (Can't we do BOTH??)
I want a church with standards!! Not a church that says any rule enforced is *legalistic*...
I want the real church.... The people I will share heaven with.
I want to fellowship with people who don't mind standing for something... and don't sell out because of popular culture. I want to find people who will help each other, help the helpless, feed and house the homeless, and minister to those those in prison. I want to find the body of Christ.

Got any pointers??? I'm all ears.
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