Friday, May 9, 2008

Way Out Yonder...A Tribute

This past week was spent with my Sister In Law Michelle, and my husband Scott. We went down into the Texas Hill Country to visit with their Dad, (my Father-In-Law) John, and his wife Alma. We had a beautiful visit, and it was good to see them again.
Since Michelle only had 7 days, we wanted to show her as much of Texas as time would allow. Texas is bigger than France, so we decided to limit ourselves to the Hill Country.
She got to see The Alamo, and have her picture made in front of it, and we took her strolling down the colorful riverwalk. This was all in her first 24 hours in the State.

The following day we went to Luckenbach. I couldn't *describe* Luckenbach to Michelle, or anyone else for that matter. It's more of a state of mind, than a place. What do you say? It's a field, in the middle of Texas, with a barn, a post office the size of my garden shed, and a total population of 3 people??? That doesn't do it justice.

To me, Luckenbach is about simplicity. Yea, there are a few rowdy souls there, but over all most people are just there to kick back and enjoy the music. There's always music there. So that's what we did. Scott bought him a real live cowboy hat. He had it custom shaped, so it looks real nice, and he needed a good hat with this intense Texas sun. He looks real smart in it too.
I got a t-shirt that has the traditional *Everybody's Somebody In Luckenbach* on the back and a refrigerator magnet that reads "God Bless John Wayne". My Mother, (rest her soul) had that bumper sticker on her jeep in the '70's.

Michelle was in a euphoric state... The music, the beutiful day, the colorful people...the chickens...she just loved it and wants to come back on the next Texas trip.
When Waylon Jennings wrote the song "Lets Go To Luckenback Texas", he was really trying to say: *Hey, I have the big house, nice cars, and life in the fast lane. .. it's aint' worth it... Let's just simplify, and enjoy the basic things that make for happiness*... When you get there, you realize that the simplicity of the place is what makes it a joy to inhabit, if even for a few hours.
It makes you kind of reflective. How wonderful to have everything you need. What a blessing! I think of my home, and the trappings of materialism, and I realize that all I need is my family and my health. Everything else is just icing on the cake. It isn't what truly brings me joy.
I never imagined that people would go far out of their way to fly across the country, to spend time with me in a cow pasture in central Texas. Life has turned out pretty sweet! Pinch me.
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