Friday, May 30, 2008


OK...bear with me a minute-
In my ponderings regarding denominations and the relevance of them, it has occured to me more than once that a little over 500 years ago we were just ONE denomination.

Now before all my Menno-Friends gasp in horror, kindly hear me out;
There is only one Church. The Bible says so. Before we were Anabaptists, (or Baptists, Episcopals, Lutheran, etc..) we were Catholic.

So were am I going with this?? Just taking a leisurely stroll through history, and trying to piece together what is important and what isn't.

Take *The Saints*. The Bible speaks of Saints... Protestants call anyone who is saved a *Saint*.
I don't think it's so ridiculous to think that someone who died for the cause might have a special spot in the hereafter, and yes, I think we will have a sense of *purpose* in heaven as well. Surely you don't think we will be floating around fluffy white clouds, strumming harps and gently flapping our feathered wings, eh?

I have studied The Saints for years... (no, never been Catholic), but the idea didn't seem seems to line up biblically. I have no idea if they really bend the ear of The Almighty, or win you favor. I am simply suggesting that we study the lives that were given in the Name Of Christ. Try studying Saint Philomena (she's my fav), or Saint Francis... All these people your going to be meeting someday. These people suffered and died for thier FAITH.
It won't hurt to do your homework first.

Here's a starting place: (No they aren't going to convert you, and it isn't a sin.)
If your lazy or blind:

Additionally, if your hyper-opposed to Catholic Saint studies, or Catholicism in general, you can always play it safe and study just the Anabaptist Martyrs:

Last link-Last smart remark: Don't you think we should all just get along???
Apparently some of us are willing to give it a go:

I've heard quite a few sharp quips from Protestants and Anabaptists against the Catholics, simply based on the past. It's true, the Catholics of the time Martyred the Anabaptists of the time. Since then, it's been Us Against Them. Consider the time. Consider that it was political. Consider it wasn't us... or anyone we have ever even remotely known.

Dispising Catholics for martyring Anabaptists makes about as much sense as black people being hostile towards white people because someones Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents owned slaves. That's nuts. That would mean I would have to hate part of myself because it's possible that one side of my family owned another at some point in history. You see, my GGG Grandmother was a slave. But that's another blog, another time. I think you get the point though..

I'm not trying to be abrasive. I'm trying to make you thing out of the box a bit... let go of some of the past... let bygones be bygones,... get off the mental recliner, and move heavenward. Together. There isn't an Anabaptist heaven, but there IS a catholic (Universal) heaven, and if you get there, your going to be sharing it with people of all denominations. In heaven, history here on earth will be irrelevant.
Confused? Good. Get to studying. Start forgiving and go meet all your nice Catholic neighbors. Maybe they will be open to learning about the Anabaptists?? We can all learn to get along... get closer and practice peace.
Get Busy, Give PEACE a chance... Visualize whirled peas...Stop the violins... (I could go at this all day...)
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