Thursday, May 22, 2008

Many Thanks

Many Thanks to everyone who has been so sweet to call and e-mail me. I know there is an a concern that I am holding up on the outside, but secretly falling apart on the inside. Allow me to reassure everyone that I am fine. REALLY.

I was and always will be CRAZY over Muttley. But I also know when a creature is suffering, and I am very confident that our girl gave us the BEST that she had to give for as long as she could give it. To give her relief from her suffering, and confusion was the last act of kindness I could give to her. Muttley wouldn't want any of us to be sad... Just appreciative.
So, if you knew Muttley, think on the good times... on her sweet, snuggley disposition, her fearless nature that would take her anywhere, anytime, by car, plane, or kyack. And please, please, please, know that I have nothing but an *attitude of gratitude* for the time she gave us all.
So we are all moving forward... even if it's with a heavy heart. I know another rescue dog would not only make me happy beyond words, but would honor Muttley's memory, since she was a rescue dog herself.
I have saved all of Muttley's toys and bandana's for her succesor. I am scouting the pounds and papers looking for just the right puppy to rescue. I would love to take them ALL home with me, but we know that's not possible (is it?)...
So I'm looking for the type of dog that has a twinkle in her eye...a certain eagerness...intelligence... compact for travel...and hopefully good vocal chords. Now that I know you can teach a dog to sing... You never know; We might just take that show on the road! I can finally quit my day job!
Hey, NEVER underestimate the intelligence of a dog.
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