Thursday, May 15, 2008


My, how time does fly!! Isn't he CUTE??? My little Grandson turned 5 years old yesterday.
I owe him and his Mother an apology. I didn't call. Bad Nana... And it's not like his mother wasn't kind enough to give me gentle, she did.
In a meager defense, I was overwhelmed. Papaw left for Canada yesterday...he'll be gone a month.
I worked late, and got home to a *To-Do List* a mile started on that, and put in the 5th call to my attorney regarding a ticket that could possibly go to warrant if he drops the ball. He isn't returning calls, and his voice mail if full. NICE..
Then- As if on cue; Muttley starts acting strange. She's been sick off and on for a few weeks... So I am writing checks, doing laundry, and hand feeding my old dog pieces of grilled chicken so she will keep fighting the good fight. She's 16. I have no idea what's wrong with her, and neither does the Vet. This has been going on for weeks.

Next, the phone rings, it's my cousin asking me to go see my Aunt who was rushed to the Emergency room near our home. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low. The rehab facility had her oxygen at a 2, when it should have been a 6 and it will take DAYS to recover from their neglegance. She is stable... looking pink instead of blue.
I got home late...still had a lot to do, and by the time I slowed down, it was LATE. So no, I didn't call. I figured T was in bed by then.
And since I am on a roll; I was up at 12:30 because of a thunderstorm and the outside dogs were flipping out... again at 2:30 to let Muttley out agian, but she still wet herself on the carpet by daylight... Back up at 3:30 to let the dogs out again.....I have put out more fires than Red Adair.
Yes, I am digging for a little sympathy... It seems when Papaw leaves.... all heck breaks loose. What is up with that??? Murphys Law???
Anyhow, I beg forgiveness and hope I can get it together soon for the sake of all my grandchildren and thier parents, who probably think I just didn't bother. I would have guys... You are always my number one priority, but sometimes, life throws things at you that make you juggle... Trust me, when your older you'll understand. Until then, I plead insanity, and beg forgiveness.
So all this groveling begs the question: Am I the only Grandparent out there who can't keep up with birthdays on a chronic level??? Or is it just me; (don't answer that.)
I know this: I am a living example of why they make belated birthday cards.
SO, enough of my rant... Let me state semi-publically; my daughter Monique is the best Mom in the world... really, she is... and Titus is a beautiful, sensative, funny, intelligent boy who makes this family SHINE.

I wish Titus a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!
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