Friday, September 5, 2008

The Military Rant Continues...

David was not allowed to build the temple because "of the blood on his hands". That was given to Solomon to do then. I chronicles 28:3 *Wink-Nod to Elaine*:-)
So.... the jury is still out. I am torn. I am completly clueless as to how we can maintain a free country without a military... we wouldn't have the freedom of religion that we value so much without it. And after all, isn't that WHY the Anabaptists came to America in the first place?
But there is still that pesky COMMANDMENT: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

So maybe God is completely aware that there will ALWAYS be those ready to pick up a gun and go off to war? I mean, hasn't there always been? Perhaps as Christians, we should just follow the commandments. ... I still have not found an exclusion clause to war... accept that the "Thou Shall Not Kill," (Hebrew, I guess?), actually says "Thou Shall Not Murder." It is different from killing in war, for self defense, as a punishment, etc. Yahweh went right ahead and lead his servants into war after war! The Canaanites probably ran around saying, "But, but! your own Law says you shouldn't kill!??? *Wink-Nod to Dorothy* So, is this an exclusion to the commandment?
The big question is: Are we fighting a war FOR God? Obviously, WWII was needed to eliminate Hitler and save millions of Jews from obliviation. Hitler was obviously evil and murdering millions.
A sweet sister in Christ suggested to *Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars*... and yes, we *follow the laws of the land*... this would extent into a draft. But, when the government clearly allows Christians & pacifists that option to serve elsewhere.... I'm not sure it's still ok.
I know its a kick in the ego for most young men to serve as a C. O. , but doesn't the Bible clearly state that we will be persecuted for our devotion?
There are many churches that preach politics. They practically rev-up the congregation and let them know what their Christian duty is regarding their vote and how to serve their country. We should focus on converting the heathen, the haters, and the mini-Hitlers of this world.
Obviously, there isn't a clear cut answer. But for me, I praise God that I will never have to serve in the Military, and thank him that someone is there to protect me from terrorists, to the best of their ability.
To conclude:
I love the Anabaptists because they are so far removed from this. It is left up to the individual and their conscience to decide how to be a good citizen. Voting and politics are rarely mentioned from the pulpit. Their prayers DO go up to our Nations Leaders. But they simply teach how we are to live according to Biblical standards on a day to day basis, and how to serve each other, and how to be a Godly example to our fellow man.
So I rest my case. I will not support war, but will pray for the soldiers, and do anything I can to help them, and comfort them as they protect the people in another country, and do what they are told to do to protect ours. I'll pray for our leaders in position NOW, and in the future. May God lead them, and give them wisdom. They will definately need it.
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