Monday, September 8, 2008

A Weekend To Remember

OOOOhhhh AAAAhhhhh This is a picture of our hotel room. Pinch me, I thought I was dreaming!!

Ok, ok...Lucky for you, this isn't a rant. It's a happy little blog about my most excellent weekend with my husband.

Scott travels about 6 months out of the year as a touring Audio Engineer. We are pro's at maximizing quality time and keeping in touch while he's on the road. Once in a while, when both our schedules allow, I follow him on the road for a weekend, either locally, or I fly out to wherever the show is.

This weekend was local (Dallas) and I drove out to the Hilton Anatole and enjoyed all the rock-star perks that they had to offer. How kind of them to bring me a night-time snack at 8:00 pm... some kind of strawberry and white chocolate dessert with cold milk... A maid turned down our beds, and it was wonderful to not have to make them the next morning. What a stark contrast to everyday life!

My husband was so happy to be able to share a bit of time with me. We had snacks in the executive lounge on the 25th floor overlooking the Dallas Skyline Friday evening. Later on, we went with friends and had sushi. That's always an experience. I loved the Jasmine tea and seaweed salad.

Saturday I shopped in Dallas and then drove to the Farmers Market in Grapevine. I returned that evening, and met up with Scott about 9:00 pm to enjoy the entertainment which was a private performance for about 500 executives from *Hilton*. The act? Huey Lewis and The News.

How fun it was to sit with my husband at the sound board. There wasn't a bad seat in the house.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Lewis's music: it's kind of R&B meets Doo-Wop. The horn section was tight and you could tell the band was having fun performing. Huey is growing older, but quite gracefully. They play like they are earning their keep. That's what was great. They still play like their dinner is depending on it...with all their heart and soul. (Pun intended)

There was an after-party that lasted until 2:00 am. I sat quietly and watched. I am such a spectator! It was pretty amazing to watch some very wealthy (and probably intoxicated) people do the electric slide like it was their second cousin's wedding. But that's what they did. I guess I had some expectation that they were above such common behaviour? Maybe the electric slide is what unites us all? The dance that supersedes what presumably divides? I don't know, the only thing that seemed to obviously separate the *haves*, from the *have nots* was the designer tag on their clothes, and handbags (COACH in every color but neon), and the rocks on their fingers. Other than that... they were just normal folk trying to get down with their bad selves. There were people who were just staying at the hotel and were not part of the Hilton shin-dig that slid in and merged as if they belonged. No one cared. It was quite a spectacle!

(No, I didn't dance...)

I'm pretty sure I haven't intentionally stayed up that late since the 80's. I was so fascinated by the people that I was surprised to see the clock in our room read: 2:30 am when my head hit the real goose-down pillow, and my skin was caressed by freshly starched Egyptian Cotton sheets. *ZZZZ's* quickly followed. Scott was done shortly afterward.

I awoke about 8:30 am, (Internal alarm clock)... packed up and headed back to my real life.

What a great husband I have to want to share the fun with me. We both came home about the same time and although it was a very extravagant weekend (at no cost to us) it felt SO good to be home. Star and Hutch greeted us like we'd been gone for months... and we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then took a nap. Now THAT'S the good life. The other is just a nice, momentary escape. Thank you Mr. Hunt for making it happen for me! Everyone needs an escape now and then.


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