Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Pain Of Rejection

Yesterday, I filled out an *application* with a dog rescue group called "DFW Tzus".
I found a dog called *Sha-nae-nae that was just cute as a button, and the application is normal procedure for the adoption/rescue process. I noticed it was a lengthy one and they asked a million questions. Additionally, I had to agree to having them come to my home to make sure it is dog-friendly, and give 2 personal referrences. Not a problem. I also agreed to spend any amount of money for the dogs health, $40.00 every 6 weeks for grooming, and disclosed information about my spouse, and the other animals in the house.
I took the time to mention that I have a 6 ft concrete grounded fence on one acre, and have rescued 4 other animals in the past who now live like royalty. I also agreed to address special needs...

AND- I was rejected! ME! Muttley's Mom! I wrote back to ask if there is a misunderstanding, or something that could be corrected? Never heard back.

My co-worker Jennifer was also rejected by a similar dog rescue group. She treats her dogs like she birthed them herself. She says these *rescue groups* are kind of an elitist group and rather snooty. SO, I'm going to a breeder and buying a dog, no questions asked. Yup! Just give the breeder your $200.oo and walk away with a 6 week old puppy. Piece of cake.

I am still miffed though, because I feel like there are SO many displaced animals who need homes. Rescuing a dog is a good deed. It seems so shallow to just *buy* a puppy. It seems generous and even noble to rescue a homeless dog... a way to perhaps teach others... to lead by example... to be the good guy!

I understand the rescue's policies and their desire to *match* each dog with a good owner. No doubt there are probably people who don't deserve to have these animals. But ME??? Most people want to come back in their next life as one of my dogs! It makes no sense.

The fact that they are not willing to even negotiate any issue is simply thrusting business to the breeders. The rescue dogs are not free. So if they are almost impossible to qualify for, what's the point? Noone wants the criteria for adoption to be lax, but plausible would be a good start.

Off to the breeder!!
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