Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's official! Miss Minnie Lou is part of the Hunt Family! Weighing in at 2.5 lbs, Minnie Lou is a scrapper! She has been chasing Hutch (75 lbs) all over the house and Star has taken to being a kind of *Mother-Figure* to her. Poor Hutch... kind of the elephant and the mouse syndrome. I fear he thinks she is a gerbil.

Anyhow, she is not quite potty-trained (which is always a challenge) and still has to be fed every 4 hours, even at night. But last night, I got up at 1:00 am to feed her, and she wasn't in her bed. She had managed to climb up on a rocking chair and she was sitting pretty like a BIG GIRL. She looked quite content and it is apparent that she is not taking attitude from the big dogs, or the cat. Amazing.

With Muttley passing, I worried that I wouldn't love another dog as much as I loved her. After 72 hours, I realize you love them ALL with all your heart. Noone can replace Muttley, or the memories we have of her, but life goes on, and every doggie needs a home. Muttley would want it that way.

Blessings Ya'll!!

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