Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just A Bit About Me....:-)

Welcome to my blog!

Just a bit about me; I am 40-something, married for 13 years to a wonderful, encouraging, loving, kind, funny, and handsome husband who is an inspiration to me.

We have 5 children and 6 grandchildren all spread out from Texas to Ohio and even sprinkled in Washington. We love them all fiercely!
How did I become Anabaptist you ask?? In a nutshell: 15 years ago I was living in Ohio, and met a Mennonite lady. We became friends. Up to this point in my life, I thought there were only 2 options; Protestant or Catholic. I had almost given up on the whole church experience at this point and was dating the Stage Manager for a touring, headlining large!!
She explained there is a 3rd way, and invited me to her very conservative church.
I grew up with Pentecostal Grandmothers, and thought I had seen the extreme of conservatism. WRONG! But what a lovely group of believers!
The thing that set them apart from most churches I had visited, besides the headcoverings and beards, (ok, suspenders too) was their lack of judgement towards me and my modern dress, and short hair. I have rarely experienced this in a conservative church.
So upon my return to my home State of Texas, and consequent marriage to the Stage Manager, I looked in the phone book and low and behold, I found there were many Mennonite Churches listed! I visited several, and found there were *sub-denominations* within the Anabaptist heading. Some are less conservative. I began studying the Anabaptist's, and that was 15 years ago. I haven't stopped!
My husband and I weren't serving The Lord when we met, and we knew from previous experiences that without God in our lives, a decent marraige was unlikely. We both gave our lives to God.
In Texas we joined Hope Mennonite Church, which was not conservative, but a very kind congregation. Most had originally been raised conservative, and for whatever reason, chose a more progressive lifestyle. We stayed with the church until it went through a split, and dissolved several years later. I am still considered a Member of the Mennonite Church, and have the papers to prove it:-) I have held out a ridiculous amount of hope for a church *plant*, but it is unlikely. I must move forward and bloom where I'm planted.
Over the years I have become convicted to practice headcovering, per 1 Corinthians 11, and modest dress. What a REFORMATION!! I do not wear any specific style of dress, or covering.
I have made so many *plain* friends over the Internet and from my travels, that I have become somewhat of a Goodwill Ambassador between the Plain Anabaptists, and the not-so-plain. I moderate on several Internet groups for like-minded people, and spend as much time as I can in my travels with my Anabaptist and other like-minded Christian friends.
I hope my *transformation* from "wild-child", to; "child of the King" can be an inspiration to someone, somewhere, whatever denomination you are. There will only be one in heaven.
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