Monday, April 14, 2008

Partners In Crime

Saturday I took Star and Hutch to the vet for their annual check up. You know how some people will do anything for money??? Well, these two will do anything for a treat. They were not the least bit bothered by all the needle-pricking, and orifice poking. Just give them the snack!

Later in the day, I am working on my garden in the backyard. I have eight tomato plants, and I have enough room left for about 10 rows of corn. I roto-till compost in until the earth is soft and grainy. Perfect. Then I rake out the grass and make it level.
I take my hoe, and make perfectly straight rows,... and then take my hoe and punch holes about 10 inches apart all the way down, dropping 2 seeds in each one. When I get to the forth row, I am exhausted! So I lay the package of remaining seeds where I stopped, and I go inside for a drink of water.
I return to find my seed corn GONE, and my dogs with a sheepish grin on their face. Now, I am over 40, so just to be sure I haven't just misplaced the corn, I scour the house, the kitchen, and retrace my steps. This entire time the dogs are making themselves scarce.
At last I go back to the garden, and call the dogs. They won't come which is an admission of guilt in my book.
I approach them like I want to play, and ask for *sugar* (kisses)... they both jump up and lick my face. Their breath smells like FRITOS!! Busted.

I have noone to blame but myself. I left the gate open thinking they would have no interest in anything there.

BUT, it would be easier to deal with if they didn't look so smug about it.
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