Friday, April 11, 2008

Open Your Mind Without Loosing Your Senses

Now ya'll know I love me some Anabaptists. I am not going to rag on any one group, but one of my pet peeves in ANY denomination is hair-splitting. Lately on some of my on-line groups, (plain and otherwise) this problem has been running rampant.

I have never understood those who want to spend time worrying about peripheral issues verses celebrating what binds us together as children of God? Read on:


About a year ago, there was an article in an Anabaptist Magazine about Western Wear... Cowboy Boots, specifically. It was basically blasting anyone who called themself a Christian and still wear them.
Now, in defense of the publisher, I will say this: He wasn't from Texas.
Had he been, he would have known from the git-go that boots are not just for show. Apparently this well meaning brother has never walked or rode a horse through bull-nettle.
But he didn't stop at cowboy boots,... he took a stab at anything that wasn't what their church prescribes.

I love this specific group and their church, but find this mentality hard to comprehend.

WHY would you spend your time and money publishing a rant against something that doesn't impact your church or community in the first place? If the Amish were being led astray by the likes of Riders In The Sky, then perhaps I could see the point? But they aren't. This isn't an epidemic among the Anabaptists. It was a cheap shot at another culture.

I am all for standing up for what you believe in, especially Godliness. I support what is RIGHT, but never what is PETTY.
Homeless people don't have the option to buy a cape dress or a jumper... people in Africa have little or no clothing. In India, children often are seen with one sandal, and one tennis shoe.

All I want is for people to open their minds, without loosing their senses, or selling out on what they stood up for to begin with.

It isn't your way or the highway. Is it??
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