Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad

Children are often full of themselves and like to taunt other children by pointing out something that they think makes them *better* than the other. That's for children and they should be taught otherwise, right???

This is called humility.

Humility keeps my foot out of my mouth, makes me generally approachable, and willing to help others. Humility is putting *SELF ON THE SHELF* and putting others first.

Among Anabaptist circles, most are raised to be humble and this is their trademark. For those who convert, learning genuine humility is a long, drawn out, sometimes painfully embarrassing process where the newby learns their opinions aren't required, and if your a woman, if it needs to be expressed in church, it will most likely come through your husband or privately to the Pastor or an Elder. Depending on your previous background, this can be difficult to process, and even harder to apply to real life. But don't dispair- it's worth the pain.
Even if your just a fan of Beverly Lewis, and find the Anabaptists charming...
You too can learn something valuable here, and I'd hate for you to miss out on the opportunity.

I rarely hear those born-Mennonite boast about anything. They don't obscess about their clothing, or how they decorate thier homes.... they don't have *pop-culture* to associate trends with or compare and contrast every last detail of their life with.

I frequently hear *converts* obscess over *just how plain* they should be... and the tend to do a lot of chastising of anyone who thinks differently. (That's usually how I know they are a convert *wink*) I think that is sort of a carry-over from their life before.

Instead of walking confidently (Never pridefully..lol) and leading by example, they obcess. They become critical, and like children who compare what they have to what someone else doesn't, they began to loose their joy. Children who have to belittle others to feel good about themselves have what is referred to in my family as: *False Pride*. It's probably an old hillbilly term, but it means being proud of something you have no right to be proud of. You did something to make yourself look good at someone elses expence. Some people are constantly reminding others what the bible says about something..usually trying to make it fit the situation and straining it at that. They are trying to justify their choices. WHY???

Now, I love my convert friends. Many are becoming like family to me. And MOST are quite happy serving God either within their church, home-church, or mainstream church where they are somewhat of an oddity, but usually tolerated well. they don't spend time justifying, and they are very accepting of anyone who is make a general effort towards modesty.

But a few have decided that there are certain restraints that, although not clearly instructed in the Bible, should be adhered to in order to steer very clear of sin. Most of the issues revolve around womens fashion, (prints verses solids, veils verses snoods or caps, dress style, length etc..)

My question to the reader: Do you think that being PLAINER than someone else makes you holier and somehow more endeared to God? Or is being modest enough? What defines modest??
When are you modest enough?

No matter where you serve God, there will always be some other person or group who thinks they are holier than you and your church. Just ask the Amish. To them The Mennonites are walking a pretty thin line with all that electricity, and automobiles.

So where's your line?
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