Friday, April 25, 2008

The Price Of Good Character

If popular favor must be paid for by the surrender of principles or loss of character, then indeed the price is to high.
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Newspaper essay, April 1917
Laura Wilder has been my favorite author since I was eight years old. Admitedly; I was fond of her *Little House* books. I didn't relate to her as an adult author until I reached 40. Then suddenly, her writings for the Missouri Ruralist and other publications became fodder for my imagination. Perhaps it helped that Scott and I drove to Missouri, to Rocky Ridge Farm, and toured her homes.
Feeling the wood frames of the doors Almanzo framed, touching her apron, her bed, her writing desk, and standing in front of the huge stone fireplace made her life and writings come to life for me.
Now, I can relate to the woman, not just the author.

But something I couldn't relate to as a child, teenager, or even young adult was the importence of CHARACTER. Laura knew it's importance from an early age. Even though it was clearly conveyed in the books I so dearly loved, it wasn't implemented until I was older and had suffered the consequences of the poor choices I made from; you guessed it: A lack of character.
I was fortunate to catch myself and learn from my mistakes. I began to work on developing my character intentionally, and while I will always be a work in progress, I try very hard to maintain high morals and good principles. So does my husband. We use to tell the children *DO THE RIGHT THING*... and whenever in doubt, that is the family slogan. It's quite painful to suffer the consequences when we don't.
Additionally, there will always be children and grandchildren watching us.
What an embarrassment it is when they see me fail morally, and what a thrill it is to see them mi mick good habits and behaviors.
Mothers and Fathers, teach your children *young* to lie in the bed they make, to know that every deed has a consequence, and to obey The Lord and His Commandments not simply because they are rules to be followed, but to have JOY in them.
And one good deed begats another. That is something that we, as a society cannot afford to loose.

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