Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Entitlement???

Cats are the only creatures who are allowed an over-inflated ego, and sense of entitlement. If your not a cat- get over yourself.
I have had conversations recently with my kids about work ethics and earning everything you have. Praise God they got the message!! All my children are hard workers, and earn everything they have.
Sadly, their generation seems to think that society OWES them something? Perhaps pop-culture has overdosed on an ego-laced cocktail of Paris Hilton, American Idol, and one too many episodes of reality TV? Whatever the cause, I dispair for our youth.
There are young women intentionally getting pregnant, intentionally NOT marrying, and intentionally taking the government and the father for a ride through Welfare, & Child Support. They are living off my hard earned taxes, and living fairly well in most non-border states. (Border states are at capacity level accodating the poor and immigrants, so options are not as broad.)
This is just one example. But it sticks in my craw.
Another is society in general. I know of young people who feel like their parents owe them everything. When accomodated, they are kind and loving towards their parents. When denied money, babysitting, or bail-outs, these children become vicious, verbally and sometimes physically attacking the very ones who raised them.
Children are given too much in my opinon. They are not taught to earn their way from a young age. They lack the confidence that earning your way provides. It also provides an essensial element: Humility.
When I was 11, my parents grew tomatoes. All the excess where bagged up, and me and my brother who was 6, took them door-to-door in our neighborhood and sold them for 50 cnets a bag. We were allowed to keep half of what we collected.
Later, I babysat, and cleaned for families in the area. I never had a huge allowance, and that was incentive for me to earn.
I understood EARLY that if I wanted something, I would have to work for it. I wasn't entitled to anything. I never felt deprived, and I never worried too much about how I would get by becasue I was taught to not be afraid of hard work.
We also killed our own hogs, and processed the meat ourselves. Thus we were taught self-sufficiency. Actually, the hog-killing taught be more than that. It was family unity, a sense of accomplishment, and yes, how to survive, and provide.
What are we teaching our children?
Now, I can indulge my cat... because it's nature cannot be changed, and a cats concept of entitlement is, in my opinion, Gods way of showing us he has a sense of humor.
But anyone else? Forget about it- Get a job.
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